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Daily Dose: 18

Another day of zero community cases in Singapore. Before we kick off the celebration, there are 18 imported cases with 10 cases of foreign domestic workers who arrived from Myanmar and Indonesia. This just shows that although we may have it in control within Singapore. How Covid19 develops beyond our borders are out of our control.


That said, getting new helpers in is a difficult process. For those with helpers, you might want to consider renewal instead of getting new help if all is fine.

1) 18 new covid19 cases

18 imported

All 18 cases are imported.  Most are from Myanmar, Indonesia with a handful from India, Switzerland, Russia and Netherlands. This is the highest number of imported cases for the past 7 months.

Source: MOH


2 Daily flights between Singapore and HK to start on Nov 22

There will be one flight a day into each city with a maximum of 200 travellers per flight. This will increase to 2 flights a day into each city from Dec 7.

Travellers must take a polymerase chain reaction Covid 19 test 72 hours before flight and receive a negative result in lieu of quarantine or stay home notice. Travel only via designated flights by Singapore Airlines and Cathy Pacific.

Source: Today


3) Ribena withdraws some batched of bottled cordial after customers report changes in taste.

I know many families would buy Ribena for kids. If you have bottles expiry dates from Aug 17 to Oct 16 2021, do take note.

Source: ST


4) Air tickets between Singapore and HK on Nov 22 sell out. Economy class seats hit $1000

For the record, $1000 can get you premium economy flight to Japan before Covid19. With limited seats and pend up demand, this is not unexpected. Add this to the compulsory test and you would have spend $1200 before you even land on HK... per person. That is enough to get an Iphone 12 per pax. Which one would you choose?

Source: CNA


5) Singapore Phase 3 will go ahead if 3 conditions are met

  • 70% take up rate for TraceTogether
  • Compliance with safe management measures
  • Testing capablitics

Source: ST


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