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Is there another round of Mask Collection?


Another round of Mask collection is apparently in the works.

Base on an update by Singapore Atrium Sale, there appears to be information regarding a new round of StayMasked collection happening from Nov 30 to Dec 13.

Update:  20 Nov. It's Official. You can get your free pair of 3D Masks from Nov 30 to Dec 13. Each Singapore Resident will be issued one mask kit containing 2 black reusable masks plus additional filters.

Details of the collection as follows

Collection Period: Nov 30 to Dec 13

Each Singapore Residents are entitled to Free Mask collection. The number per residents is not specified. Children age 8 and under can recieve one free size (S) mask kit*

Collection at the following areas

  • Residents CC
  • Bus Interchanges
  • Community Centers/ Clubls
  • Plaza Singapura
  • Temasek Shophouse

*To be collected only at selected areas

We had checked Stay Masked Website and Temasek Foundation Facebook Page. There is no indication of such collection yet. However, we do note that Stay Masked Website had indicated that there will be more Mask collection after the first 2 exercises.

For confirmation, we advised staying tuned to Stay Masked Website for more updates on this collection.

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