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Why you should get a COSMO Prime ® Air Purifier

Looking for an Air Purifier for your home?

Do you know that dust particles are aplenty at home? It is more than just dust. In fact, it is a mixture of skill cells, dust mites, pet's shedding, bacterias, food debris, microscopic specks of dirt and more.

If that spook you or if you are one who is allergic to dust, an Air Purifier is probably what you seek. COSMO Prime ® Air Purifier would fit the bill nicely.

Here are 5 reasons why you should get the COSMO Prime ® Air Purifier 

1) Multi Features

This sleek unit has a host of air purifier technology that would make other air purifiers envy. 

  • PM 2.5 Counter
  • Anion Generator
  • Nightlight Function
  • 20 DB
  • Low Power Consumption

Not only it is an Air Purifier, but it also has a dual function as an ioniser with its Anion Generator. Anions are negatively charged ion that helps removes particles from the air.  Not only does it filter air pollutants, but it also releases healthy ions that will provide benefits like better immunity and improve sleep.

Blue Light signals good quality

Other features such as PM2.5 counter is good for measuring the amount of dust in the room. With its low power consumption (50W), quiet operation and Nightlight functions, it is well suited to be used in a bedroom throughout your night rest. 

Red Signals Poor Air Quality

The lights also indicate air quality. Blue Light signals good air quality while red means poor air quality. You could also download the Smart Life App to control the Cosmo remotely, making it a 'Smart' Air Purifier.

2) Filters 99.97 % of all Airborne Particles

 COSMO Prime ® Air Purifier

99.97 % covers almost everything. Dust, chemicals, hair, bacteria, dust mites, mould, skin flakes, pollen, textile fibres, cat fur, dog fur and even virus would be sucked in by this machine. Almost nothing falls out of its range.

For pet owners, this is ideal too to neutralise pet odour as the filter layer is fitted with an inhouse antimicrobial agent called Pet Guardian. This effectively neutralises organic matter that causes foul odours from cats, dogs and small animals.

3) Medical Grade H13 HEPA Technology

Medical Grade H13 HEPA Technology

The HEPA filter is made of interlaced glass fibres twisted into a fine mesh.  Basically, it is used to trap particles in the filter. You could read more about the uses here.

The COSMO Prime ® Air Purifier is equipped with a Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter that traps additional pollutants such as Asbestos, Paint Pigments, Insecticides, Tobacco Smoke, Lead Dust and more. Only H13 HEPA Filter (or higher) removes 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns ensuring you will breathe in clean quality air.

4) Coverage Area 80m²

With a coverage area of 80m², one machine is sufficient to cover a typical 4 bedroom HDB flat in Singapore. Place it in your living room and it should be big enough to cover living, dining and kitchen, the main areas where pollutants strive.

5) 20 Day Trial- Full Refund with a 5-year warranty

Even though it is the price at $399 ( up to $538), it does provide a trial period of 20 days with a full refund, no questions asked!

If you like the unit and would like to keep it, the 5-year warranty would give you the peace of mind.

You can purchase the COSMO  Prime ® Air Purifier here.

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