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We are on Day 9 without local transmission. This is great news. Another 5 more days and we will pass the incubation period for Covid19 ( 14 Days). Would this mean that the virus is eradicated?

On that note, there are deadlier killers out there. Dengue has officially claimed more lives than Covid19 in Singapore (29 vs 28). While Covid19 might be the headline for 2020, in Singapore, it is not the number 1 killer. Nonetheless, the impact of Covid19 can be felt throughout with shops closing down, people losing jobs and disruption to our normal way of life. Let's not be dishearted. With vaccines on the horizon. 2021 might just signal a brand new start for Singapore and the world.

1) 4 New Covid19 cases

4 Imported cases

Imported cases include Singaporeans, PR, and Work Permit Holder from Indonesia. Another one is a Special Pass Holder from Montenegro to board a ship. No Community cases for the past 9 Days

Source: MOH

2) A Singaporean may have breach travel requirements.

The 68-year-old arrived in Singapore on Nov 11 but did not declare that he has symptoms despite experiencing shortness of breath.

Source: MOH

3) Free 3D Masks for Singapore Residents from Nov 30 to Dec 13

Each Singapore Resident will be issued one mask kit containing 2 black reusable masks plus additional filters. Is this a signal for Phase 3?

An announcement will be on 26 Nov for mask collections. By Nov 26, if we were to continue to have zero cases, that would be Day 16. 

Source: TWD

4) More people had died from Dengue than Covid19 in Singapore.

Dengue - 29 Covid10 - 28

34000 people had diagnosed officially with Dengue. the number could be closet to 100,000.

Source: ST

5) 250,000 workers had wages cut from March to September

Covid19 leaves its marks on workers.

Source: Today

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