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LEGO Botancial Collection - Bonsai Tree and Flower Bouquet Review


LEGO goes green.

Official photos of LEGO Botanical Collection are out. This collection will sure to delight the green thumbs of Adults Fans of LEGO ( AFOL) rather than the kids. The intriguing design and attention to details would surely want every AFOL scrambling for one. You could even use it as a gift for your love ones. How apt!

Bonsai Tree (10281)

The Bonsai Tree has 878 pieces with an estimate price of SGD 110.  

Amazingly, this Bonsai Tree can be converted to Sakura Tree by replacing the 'leaves'. 

It's a two in one set. If you like both designs, get 2 of it!

Flower Bouquet (10280)

The Flower Bouquet comes with 756 pieces with estimated price at SGD 110

The details and patterns are simply amazing. We do wish the flowers were to be a bit more red like roses. 

Nonethless, we are sure some AFOL will give this set to their love ones. Some may even propose with it with the excuse of keeping it as a reminder of the proposal.

LEGO is now seen targeting more towards Adults with their latest collection. Will they continue this trend in 2021? 

The LEGO Botanical collection should be available from Jan 2021

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