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PRISM+ 4k Android TV Q55 review : 6 reasons why you should get this for your room


PRISM+ Android TV has landed in Singapore.

PRISM+ is a homegrown brand that is well known for the monitors. Last year, they launched their first range of 4K Smart TV. This year, they up the ante of a selection of Android TV that is set to take Singapore by storm. We managed to get our hands on the Prism+ 55 and our first impression was awesome.

If you are thinking if you should join the PRISM+ Android TV family, here are 8 reasons why you should!

PS, if you prefer to watch than to read, check out our Youtube unboxing and review.

1) It's the First Singapore brand Android TV

55 inch for the bedroom

We are always on the lookout for fellow Singapore companies that stands out. PRISM+ is a brand that has it's root firmly in Singapore. They scored a first in the industry with the FIRST Android TV local brand in Singapore. It is no mean feat as you need to get through hoops to get the Android TV license. 

2) Android TV Features 

Main Interface

With Android TV, it means your usual TV viewing experience will be revolutionised. You are not limited to cable or local TV anymore. Instead, you will get useful apps such as news channel, games, and a whole lot more. The TV has been upgraded from Smart to SMARTER!

Running on Android TV 9.0 OS, you get 3 main additional functions that would make it a Smart TV on steroids.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

First and foremost, you have access to Google Play Store with over 5000 apps online. From apps to games, there are a lot of options you can add on to your TV. If you have an Android phone, you would probably be familiar with the benefits of Google Play Store. 

Now supersize that benefits to a 55-inch screen. From movie streamings, music, games, news and more, everything is now at your fingertips. from HBO Go to Spotify to CNA, there are a whole host of apps to discover. The Prism+ Android TV range comes with 2GB Ram and 16 GB internal memory to download the apps.

Instead of just a display screen, your PRISM+ is now the de facto entertainment zone. 

Google Assistant

Use your phone to control

Google Assistant has been around for q while now. Basically, with Google Assistant, you could control certain TV functions with just your voice. You could also get useful information such as the weather by just speaking to your device.

Google Assistant Button

For PRISM+ TV, it comes with a dedicated Google Assistant button on the remote. Alternatively, link it to your phone via the Google App.

Google Assistant

Now you can simply say through your remote or phone, 'Play Money Heist on Netflix' and it will magic play on the TV!

Inbuild Chromecast 

Cast your phone to the PRISM+

Another upgrade is the inbuild Chromecast. Chromecast allows you to mirror your phone to your TV. You could play Netflix on the PRISM+ via your phone or play the latest travel photos or videos to share with your family. The inbuild Chromecast would save you $65 from getting a standalone device.

Puffin TV Browser

Puffin TV Browser

With access to the latest apps, you can also download the Puffin TV-Browser. It is a  user-friendly app to surf the web. Say goodbye to chunky interface and hello Puffin!

3)Top of the class for the price range

There are plenty of hardware features that make it the top of the class for the price range. The Prism+ comes with 4K Ultra HD Resolution that has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and 60Hz refresh rate. With HDR 10 with Dobly Vision, you can experience the deepest blacks and brightest white. Although it comes with an IPS instead of LED display, the 1.07 billion colours ane MEMC Motion Smoothing would make it hard to tell the difference. 

The only gripe we have is the startup rate. Compared to regular non-smart TV, the android system does take a little while longer to boot up.

Zero Bezel

The TV design is modern as well. The sides are a matt black with zero bezel. This meant that it would take up less real estate. We replaced our old 50-inch TV with this and it still fits on the same spot.

On that note, you could choose to wall mount or use the stand provided. For wall mounting, you could use your existing brackets if they can support 55-inch screen, just make sure you get M6 screws to mount. The wall mounting is a small 200 x200 mm footprint.

Bluetooth Remote

The PRSIM+ Android TV also comes with a Bluetooth Remote that has One-Click access to a full suite of 4K content on Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video from your remote. These are officially licensed so you can ensure you would have a user-friendly interface and 4k content.

With Bluetooth 5, you can also connect your soundbars, keyboard, headphones, game controllers with ease via Bluetooth.  Lastly, the 2 x 10 W speakers will be loud enough for room use.

4) Price

When we say it is the best in class for the price point, we are not kidding.

With specs like that for a typical 55-inch tv, it would cost at least $1K and up. PRISM+ Q55 only retails for $699!

If you need a bigger TV, you could consider the Q65 for $999 and Q75 for $1599. Prices for similar spec TV could easily be from $1500 for 65 inch TV and $2K for 75 inch TV.  The price is easily the BEST-selling point for PRISM+

5) Connectivity

The minimalist outlook is extended to the back. 3 HDMI ports including an HDMI ARC are located at the side. USB 2 and USB 3 slots are available together with Ethernet LAN and SPDIF Out for sound.

The PRISM + is also digital-ready and a Digital TV Antenna was included in the package.

6) Warranty

The icing on the cake, a 3-year onsite warranty. Buy the PRISM+ with a peace of mind. 


Want a big screen TV with all the bells and whistles without burning a hole in the pocket. If that is the case, the latest range of PRISM+ TV is no brainer. It looks good, it works well and for the price, dirt cheap. An affordable option for everyone who wants to add Android TV to their rooms!

Get your PRISM + Q55 here

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