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An Opportunity in Every Crisis


Daily Dose  There is an Opportunity in every Crisis

Throughout the past 4 decades of existence, this has always been the case. From the Sep 11 attack on the US to the Global Financial Crisis to Sars, all these present opportunities for those seeking longer-term investments. 

Covid19 is not an exception. Property Loving Singaporeans are using this opportunity to get into real estate as property fell in price in the early stage of Covid19.

Every Crisis, an Opportunity rises. It has yet to be proven wrong.

1) 11 Covid19 cases

11 Imported

Another day of zero local cases. We could get used to this in a positive way. Unfortunately, the number is not the same for imported cases. For the record imported cases are only tested at the end of SNH. The cases are mostly from Indonesia, India and Indonesia

There are already 50+ imported cases in the past 1 week. Given the increasing numbers, would the rules be changed to testing all incoming visitors at the airport as what some countries are doing?

Source: MOH

2) Singapore HK Flight tickets for Nov22-30 Sold out after air travel bubble announced.

In addition to those who want to go for holidays, there are those who just want to go home.

Source: ST

3) Cost of Holiday in HK for family of 4

If you are planning a trip to HK during this period, we estimate how much it will cost for a family of 4. It's not exactly cheap...

Source: TWD

4) Singaporeans snap up properties during worse ever recession

Recession, what recession?

Undeterred by the economic slump and rising unemployment, Singaporeans choose this time to go for a buying spree. In land-scarce Singapore, any fall in price is an opportunity.

Source: Today

5) Pokemon Go Players in Singapore have 300 new locations to catch Pokemon.

Launched by STB and Niantic, this is created to let local residents explore Singapore nooks and cranny. 

They are located in 10 precincts: Changi and East Coast, Chinatown, the Civic District, Joo Chiat and Katong, Kampong Glam, Little India, Mandai and Kranji, Marina Bay, Orchard Road as well as Sentosa.

Source: Today

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