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15 Ways that Covid19 Change Our Lives

2020 has been a year of many first.

It was the year that we compiled to stay at home, banned from travelling and even denied of large family gatherings due to Covid19. It is an understatement to say that 2020 has seen the evolution of old habits and the emergence of new.  

Here are what changed for us in 2020. 

1 Wear a Mask

A mask is now a necessity in Singapore. Whether you are out for a walk or to the malls, you would need to put a mask on. The only exception is when you are exercising, eating or staying at home. While it did took some time to get used to, it has become the first thing we pick up 

2 More Hygiene 

Sanitizer - Check

Wipes - Check

Wash Hands- Check

We are more hygiene conscious than before the pandemic. Better to be safe than sorry.

3 No Large Social Gathering

We missed family gatherings. This year was our Great Grandma's 90th birthday but instead of over 60 of us celebrating at one location, we had to turn to zoom. Additionally, Christmas party with immediate family would have to be on hold until Phase 3 kicks in on Dec 28. 

Thankfully, with social gathering increasing to 8, that means we could have our reunion dinner with our immediate family.

4 Work from Home

Working from home has always been a dream. In 2020, it had become a reality. Now both parents are working from home instead of heading to the office. At this rate, it may have become a permanent arrangement.

5 Home Base Learning

For those heading to school, there was the introduction of home-based learning during circuit breaker. It is not easy conducting classes through zoom or making a child seat in front of the computer going through home-based learning lessons rather than watching youtube. It may be challenging, but the kids have got used to it. Who knows? It may be part of schooling going forward.

Read about our thoughts on HBL here

6 Zoom Meetings

On the subject of Work from Home and Home Based Learning, Zoom and Google Meet became the standard for most to have meetings, learn or interact. As mentioned earlier, we even celebrated Great Grandma's birthday via zoom!

7 Travel Ban

Due to Covid19, our wings are clipped. We usually made 2 trips a year. This year, our only 'overseas' holiday is a staycation in Singapore. For 2021, until the vaccination is worldwide, we would probably remain home for next year.

Our last overseas trip was with our extended family to Taiwan. We are glad to do it as a family before Covid19 hits.

8 Explore Singapore

As a result of Covid19, we get to learn a little more about Singapore. We did not get to bash through unexplored jungles as we are more urbanised, but we did get to visit a farm or 2. Our favourite is a Koi Farm we found at Lim Chu Kang - Marugen Koi Farm! 

9 Family Time

Weekends and weekdays are spent as a family. Since both parents work from home, we get to see our kids more often. While it does take time to get used to this arrangement, we do appreciate the opportunity to spend more time at home together.

Moreover, we get the chance on some gadgets that are great for those staying at home. Our favourite would be a toss-up between the Lumos Projector and Prism+ 55 inch Android TV. Now we are truly entertained at home.

10 Online Shopping

Staying at home, especially during circuit breaker time means online shopping replacing physical shopping at malls. The good thing is that we discovered online sale and the attractive prices of items offered. For the last couple of purchases, they are usually made online.

11 No need for new or branded stuff

As a result of going out less, there is really no need to get new clothes or even branded items. After all, who would get to see you in your home? A singlet and shorts will do just fine in Singapore's weather. This pandemic also let us understand the difference between wants and needs. If we can satisfy needs, wants are just luxury that we can choose not to have.  

12 Eating in

Having used to dine out weekly, we now prefer home cook food or order in. The number of times we head out to a restaurant this year could be counted with 2 hands. The only thing that we had to be wary of is our waistline. We do eat more than we should regardless if we are eating at home or outdoor.

13 Home Improvement

As a result of staying at home more often, home improvement and mini upgrades were on the card this year. We had added a working desk, a couple of monitors, TV and other stuff. Since we are spending more time at home, we think it is not an extravagance to pamper ourselves. 

14 Learning to Pivot

Pivot is the keyword in 2020. From jobs to restaurants to malls, a drastic change has to take place to make things work. For TheWackyDuo.com, we pivoted early and focus our posts on Covid19 related issues to bring awareness and updates to our readers. We are probably the only family website that does this. Does it affect our website? 

Probably. It had changed the direction of the website; hopefully, in a good way.

Nonetheless, we are glad we had pivoted. After all, we were recognised as THE MOST UNIQUE parenting blog in Singapore. An accolade that makes one stand out among the crowd.

15 Never take things for granted

If we just have one takeaway for 2020, it is that we should not take things for granted. What we have in one day can easily be taken from us. As such, we are contented and will always be grateful for what we have.

With Phase 3 in the works, there will be more changes ahead. Nonetheless, no one can deny that 2020 has been a topsy turvy year. We just hope that 2021 will be the start of a new beginning and perhaps a better new world.

How has Covid19 change your life?

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