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Rising Imported Cases


Daily Dose: Rising Imported Cases

Imported cases soared to 29. These are mostly cases from FDW instead of travellers or visitors. Nonetheless, what is the acceptable threshold in Singapore? 100 per day? 1000 per day?

In time to come, resources might have to be channelled to imported cases if it was to rise significantly. Hopefully, the vaccine will be taken up in masses so this scenario will not happen. Nonetheless, it is a fact that we have to accept if we were to open up. With Covid19, the first country to show that it can remain open and yet be a safe place to be is very important. This is especially so for a small nation like us. The first-mover advantage would open more doors once this pandemic passes us.

1) 29 Covid19 cases

29 Imported cases

A whopping 29 imported cases including 23 FDW work passes. This brings about the issue of FDW. With the recruitment of Indonesia helpers poised to increase in 2021, getting help would be tough in the new year ahead.

Source: MOH


2) Singapore to bar UK Travellers over new Covid19 virus strain

This follows the lead of other countries that had already barred UK travellers. The ban will start from 1159 pm Dec 23.

Source: CNA


3) 5 F&B outlets ordered close

16 others and 35 individuals fined for safe management breaches. Some of them openly allowed seatings of 11 people on one table, while others concealed liquor in green tea bottles. No sympathy for these establishments that are breaching the laws on purpose.

Source: ST


4) PSLE Indicative COP is out

This list is sourced from forums. Most of the figures were obtained directly from schools. If you are looking to appeal, this would be helpful.

Source: TWD


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