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Equestrian Clothing: All You Need to Know About Horse Riders' Fashion

Love Horse Riding?

These days, the world of fashion is a free world, where anyone can wear anything that represents their likes, communicates their style, and fulfills their comfort. As a matter of fact, many people don’t even pay much attention to what they wear as long as it looks and feels good. Well, this shouldn’t give you a reason not to wear your safety gear but as an equestrian or horse rider or horse stuff enthusiast, you ought to know your statement attire.

The equestrian world of fashion has expanded immensely over the past few years. While most of the iconic pieces still make a statement to date, many of them have evolved and acquired a modern twist that makes this style and line of fashion quite adorable. Furthermore, equestrian clothing is available even for minors, boys, and girls. These include pieces of clothing you can wear to a casual event or just when in your usual strolls in the streets, not necessarily when heading to a horse race event. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few pieces of equestrian clothing to help give your wardrobe a fashion lift if at all you are interested in horse riding, horseraces, or horse riding apparel.

Main Gear

To begin with, let us take a tour of what we mean by equestrian clothing. Riding a horse is fun but you need to make sure you have the right gears and look exquisite when on the horses' back. Clothes for riders are a bit different from the daily clothing you are used to. You need to know what works when you decide to get on the horseback. Taking a glimpse at casual clothing for horse riders is always an added advantage, whether you are a competitive rider, the yard guy, or you’ve taken up horse riding as a hobby. It’s all about protecting yourself, ensuring comfort, and looking stylish while at it. The main gear includes the pants, shirts, boots, and belts, which we will be looking at below.

1. Riding Pants 

This is usually the starter pack for any rider. Rider pants are made in such a way that they provide the comfort and flexibility that is required when riding a horse. Also referred to as jodhpurs, you need them right when getting into horse riding for fun or as a competitor. They come in different designs, which vary from having knee patches, full seats, and high or low rise. The material used is mainly leather to allow the needed flexibility while maintaining some grip on the saddle as you ride your horse. 

You can have your ordinary jeans on but ensure that they do twist on your knees or ankles as you move on. Also, you need to make sure that they are not too large so they don’t get caught by something while on the move, causing injuries either to you or your horse.

2. Riding Shirts 

This is where the rider is allowed to choose what works for them. There isn't any specific type of shirt made purposely for riders. You just pick what works for you, get on the horseback, and ride. You, however, need to make sure they are bright enough for visibility. Additionally, make sure they are not too tight so they don’t restrict your ability to control the horse. Loose tops can catch something like tree branches and might cause injuries to you and your equine friend.

3. Belts 

This is one of the most common accessories for riders. It is almost impossible to come across a horse rider with no belt around their waist. There are different types of equestrian belts to choose from based on your preference as a rider. You need to make sure that the size of the belt doesn’t affect your comfort as you ride. A very large belt can be uncomfortable as your horse charges and you have to lean forward for that smooth run.

4. Boots

Ever seen someone riding a horse without boots on? Well, equestrian clothing is never complete without some good quality pair of boots. Before you go horse riding, remember that it takes place in rough and rocky places that only the right horse riding boots will keep the rider comfortable. At the same time, the metal ring where you place your foot when riding a horse requires something that protects your foot from the stress exerted by the metal.

Get a boot with a heel so your leg doesn't keep slipping out of the ring as you ride on. Riding boots need to be supportive of the ankle for stability as you ride on them. Like all other shoes, these riding boots come in different designs and colors. They are mainly made of leather with a tough sole to match the riding environment.

Whether you’re a learner or an experienced equestrian, horse riding is safer and more fun with the right gear on. Having some of these pieces of clothing will make your experience more fun even when headed out to watch a horserace. In the case of the latter, don’t forget to put your boots and cowboy hats on!

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