Once Upon a Time on the Orient Express Review

The Orient Express has rolled into town.

With the ongoing pandemic, our wings are clipped. Despite this, we had the privilege of the Orient Express rolling into Singapore with a new exhibition at Gardens by The Bay. You will get to experience what it will be like aboard the famous long-distance passenger train service created in 1883 by Compagnie Internationale des Wagon's Lits.

The Locomotive

At the entrance, the 158-year-old locomotive will be hard to miss. You will be greeted by a facade designed to resemble the Gare du Nord station in Paris. Stepped inside and a reconstituted ticketing platform awaits.

All Board - Original Orient Express Train Carriages 

Relive the emotions of travellers who have boarded the Orient Express with 2 original 1920 train carriages known as Pullman carriage. The exhibits are all indoor, so you can visit -rain or shine.

Inside the carriage, you would get to see a replica of how luxury travel feels like back in the 1920s.

The attention to details is astonishing. From the stained chairs ( we were told they are original) to cigarette packets and bottles of wine. 

The only modernisation is the little cutout on the newspaper that has a digital screen.

 Do note that this is a CSCT exhibit. Can See, Cannot Touch. 

Additionally, you get a glimpse of the famous people who had once step foot onto this train.

The Orient Express was conceived as a palace on wheels with its luxurious chambers, lounges and restaurants, this luxury peered through pass this carriage.

Additionally, you get to see the inside of one of the three remaining Fourgon in the world built-in 1929.

Here the infamous murder scene from Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express is staged. The covered corpse does give one the creeps!

Walking through these carriages is a pleasure for a history buff like me. While this exhibition is targeted at family, it will be the older kids who would most likely enjoy the experience

 Orient Express Museum

Stepped down the train and you would enter a 2,000 square meter museum space.

Here you could retrace the romantic era of luxury travel with artefacts from the Orient Express.

There is even an actual toilet from the train on exhibit. By the way, do you know the windows on the train is an inspiration for their logo?

What intrigues us it the travel luggage. There are no wheels on the luggage, but we are sure these vintage LV trunks will cost a pretty penny.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect from the 2 exhibition halls.

Orient Express Shop

At the exit, you will enter the boutique filled with The Orient Express merchandise. These are specially made for the Orient Express exhibition. The good news is that you could enter the shop without heading into the boutique.

Orient Express Road Cafe

Another public area is the cafe. The perfect place for a cup of tea and croissant.

Orient Express Restaurant

You can eat into a replica of The Orient Express Restaurant. Although the restaurant has a sitting capacity of 40 + pax, it will only be serving 24 pax as a result of Covid19 restrictions. Reservations are limited, and booking should be made in advance.

Booking fee at $250++ for brunch and $318 ++ for Dinner. Prices are for food only, and beverage, wines, spirits are charged separately.

You can make your booking here.

The Lounge

Chill out at the exclusive lounge after your meal. This lounge is only available for diners of the restaurant.

Escape Room

There is an escape room experience. It has not opened yet during this period.

Should you visit?

If you are a museum buff, one who miss travelling or someone who just love to discover new things, 'Once Upon a Time on the Orient Express' is worth a visit. A photo in front of the famed Orient Express carriage is worth the price of admission.

Given the options we have in town, this is probably the largest and the one to head to during this pandemic period. That said, we reckon this exhibition is best suited for younger kids than older kids.

Once upon a time on the Orient Express

West Lawn ( Bayfront Plaza)
Gardens by the Bay
Dec 12, 2020, to June 13 2021

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  1. I extremely enjoyed visiting the orient express. An amazing experience. Something from the past as you are there. Shortly: it is worth a visit before it moves from SG