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Herd Immunity

 Daily Dose: Herd Immunity

The news of nearly half the dorms has Covdi19 is highly interesting for several factors. The first is that it will inflate the total tally in Singapore by 3 times if added. Secondly, it shed some light as to how the tally is counted in Singapore. Lastly and perhaps more significant is that Herd Immunity might actually work since most of them are asymptomatic and there were few serious illness or deaths.

If that is the case, Covid19 might go the way of the flu, especially when vaccines are introduced. This is not to play down the health impacts of Covid19 as long term consequences have yet to be established. At least, it gives comfort that it may not be the plague that it was once envisioned to be.

1) 16 Covid 19 cases

  • 1 Dorm 
  • 15 Imported cases

There was a case from the dorms that have been tested negative for RRT but the serological test came back positive which indicates past infection. Interestingly, this has been added to the tally whereas almost 100 thousand serological positive cases were not added (see story below) 

15 imported cases is a jump from the daily average. Consisting of Singaporeans, Work Permit holders and even short term visitors. 

Source: MOH


2) 47 per cent of migrant workers in Singapore have had a Covid19 infection

As of Sunday, there were 54505 workers tested positive via PCR test. Another 98289 has a positive result from the serology test which check for past infection. This group were not included in the tally for Covid19 cases in Singapore as per WHO reporting guidelines. Interestingly, the 1 community case today is added to the official tally despite that he was tested positive for serological test and not for RRT. With the difference in classification, it can get quite confusing.

If these were to be added to the official tally, Singapore would have 3 times as many Covid19 cases than reported. There are another 65K not tested yet, so the numbers could be higher.

Source: ST


3) Restriction from work from office may soon ease in Phase 3

More updates to come for those yearning to head back to the office.

Source: ST


4) First shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine to be in Singapore by end Dec

There will be enough vaccines for all by Q3 2021. Singapore financial clout is apparent since we are one of the first countries to recieve the vaccine.

Source: ST


5) Less rain for the second half of Dec, mercury could hit 34 degrees

Expect December to be hot!

Then again Mets Service is usually 50% right.

Source: Today


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