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What You Should Know About Wireless Earphones and How To Make Them Perform Better

Making the transition from a wired listening experience to a wireless one with earphones should be an easy change.

You remove the issues with tangled wires that can rip or break, ruining your listening experience with faulty audio. There are a few things that you should take into consideration when buying a new pair of wireless earphones, as well as a few tips on how to improve and extend their performance.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the important things that you should learn about your wireless earphones. The extra convenience and portability come with some aspects that you need to account for. Unlike wired earbuds or headphones, you can’t just plug and go. But instead, you will need to remember that your earphones need to charge almost daily, depending on your usage rate as well as the capacity of your audio accessories. 

4-6 hours is the industry standard for the playback time for wireless earbuds on a single charge, with 3 hours and less being on the short end, while the few that reach upwards of 10 hours far surpass consumer expectations. It is best practice to monitor your charging habits and unplug your devices when the charge is finished, not to overcharge your devices. This may cause long term damage and reduce the battery life if you fall into this habit.

Sound Quality

Sound quality can be different depending on the make and design of your earphones. These might also incorporate things like noise-cancelling technology to create a much more improved experience. It is best to test out different devices and read and consider reviews that might inform you of the sound’s quality. There are ways to go about on how to make AirPods louder if you are looking to make slight improvements that have altered over time. Some ways to improve your sound quality that are not directly tied with your earbuds’ physical build include cleaning them, as dirt can get into the nooks and holes of your earphones, distorting the sound. You can also try adjusting volume-related settings on your phone and devices that alter your listening experience. Some of the settings are tied with power-saving modes and healthy listening levels, but if you enjoy a louder music or audio experience, you can change these to your liking.

Earphone Designs

Earphones come in a variety of designs. These will have a direct impact on your listening experience. The major design choices with wireless earphones are buds, sport design, headphones. The buds are smaller and can vary with their aesthetic and functional options. Although different brands have made their unique designs, such as Apple’s stem on their earbuds, these tend to be more simple design choices. 

Sport designed earphones have ergonomic designs incorporated into their earphones that wrap around the ear to provide a consistent listening experience during physical activities where other buds may fall out. Headphones tend to offer a loud and clear sound experience but sacrifice manoeuvrability and portability as they are much bulkier than other options. Trying to fit headphones in a backpack could be risky and cause damage or break if you are not careful. These are factors that play a role in your the selection process, which will vary depending on your needs as a listener and desires in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Case Designs

Cases are designed with the primary purpose of protecting your earphones and earbuds. Depending on the brand, you might be paying more for your set of earbuds, but that may translate to different qualities as well as added features you are unaware of. One of the extras to consider is the case that comes with your wireless earphones. These may provide you the benefit of charging your earphones while on the go, with the case acting as its own power supply to provide you with continuous listening throughout your day. 

If your case provides power and charges your earphones, you should keep them charged to ensure you never are left without power. Other features would include magnets to lock your case and its contents within it, so it does not open or has your earphones fall out. These are subtle changes or features that might go underappreciated but be significant nonetheless. 

Wireless audio peripherals are made to make your listening experience easier in terms of convenience. Owning wireless earphones does come with some responsibilities in terms of maintenance and usage, as you will learn the first time you forget to charge them. But as long as you stay on top of things, you will surely see their benefits.

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