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How's your first Day of Phase 3?

 Daily Dose: How's your first day of Phase 3

There were no Supermarket rush, no long queues for bubble tea, no swarm of joggers on the street. 

Phase 3 kicks off like any other normal day in most parts without any significant report compared to Circuit Breaker, Phase 1 or Phase 2. This is a sign that things are beginning to head back to normal. Even the MRT decided to take an off day today and Starhub phone services joined in for the late morning and afternoon with disruptions in their services.

Speaking of normal, this is the last week of school holidays. Enjoy it while it last!

1) 5 Covid19 cases

  • 4 Imported
  • 1 Local Community case

After a period of 6 days, there emerge 1 local community case detected. This case comes on the first day of Phase 3. The case is unlinked and works as a cabin crew and part-time private hire car driver. He was tested through proactive testing bt CAAS and had worked in the US  from 12-16 Dec. He was tested on 25 Dec and was tested negative, the subsequent test was positive on Dec 27. Interestingly, the swab test appeared to be done before the incubation period is over (14 days). This was not the first case that tests did not pick up the virus during the incubation period.

Source: MOH

2 Bosses in Singapore unlikely to mandate Covid19 vaccination to Staff

Many will strongly encourage with some offering incentives for staff to be vaccinated.

Source: Straits Times

3 Fairprice extends Pioneer Generation and Merdeka Generation discounts for 2021

Goof news for Senior Citizens from the Pioneer and Merdeka generations. From Jan 1 the Pioneer Generation will have their 3% discount benefits extended on Mon and Wed. Merdeka Generations will get 3% off groceries every Wed from Jan 1.

Source: ST

4 Signalling fault holds up train service on Downtown Line

Were you one of those affected?

Source: Today

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