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Party like it is 2019?


Daily Dose: Party Like it is 2019?

36 people having a private celebration in a factory unit sounds like a unique party idea that one should explore... in 2019. For 2020, with the pandemic on hand, a party like that is frown on, especially when we want to move the efforts of Singapore forward. A selfish and irresponsible act like this would make us take 2 steps back should any incidents of Covid19 arises.

The majority of people are already making sacrifices. Some missed milestones birthdays have a smaller wedding or even could not say goodbye to love ones due to Covid19 measures. Having a large group with no care or concern but only their own enjoyment will irk many. They deserve to face the music.

Since Dec 31 is just a day away, do enjoy with friends and family. Just keep to 8, ok?

1) 13 Covid19 cases

13 imported

No local cases in the community.

Source: MOH

2) 36 people having a private celebration at unlicensed entertainment outlet.

First of all, having 36 people in a party when social gathering ls limited to 5 is already frown on. Doing it on unlicensed premise only doubles the crime. The fact that there is a 7-year-old involved just made it worse.  

The organisers should be punished for this blatant disregard for law.

Source: Today

3) Secondary school, JC students to spend 2 days a month doing home-based learning from 2021

This will start on Term 3  in 2021.

Additionally, all students will be required to purchase a personal learning device either in the form of a tablet or laptop. You can use edusave to purchase.

To check Edusave balance, call 6260 0777

Source : ST

4) MOE to give students more time to buy uniforms after crowding incident outside Ang Mo Kio Shop

The shop is Jeep Sing Fashion Store, an authorised uniform distributor.  Looks like there might be a need to get more than one distributor especially if they cannot cope with the demand.

Source: ST

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