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Daily Dose: Insomnia

When is the last time you have a 9 hour sleep? 

For me, bedtime is usually 12 midnight and an early rise at 6 am to prepare kids for school. At best, I can squeeze in 7 hours of sleep a day. On average, a good night rest is between 7-9 hours of sleep. Base on the statistic, I am definitely having less.

While some may take the weekend to sleep in, I would prefer to wake up early, go for a jog and buy breakfast for kids. I just need to find more time... to sleep.

1) 15 Covid19 cases

  • 15 imported

Day 6 of no local cases. 

Imported cases as follow

3 (Cases 60998, 61008 and 61010) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India and Malaysia.
• 1 (Case 61006) is a Long-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Indonesia.
• 1 (Case 60992) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from the UAE.
• 9 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India and Malaysia, of whom 1 (Case 60991) is a foreign domestic worker.
• 1 (Case 60993) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Indonesia for a work project in Singapore

Source: MOH

2) Count on Me, Singapore dispute: Indian composer says in reply to MCCY that 250 children are ‘living proof’ of his song

Indian Composer Joseph Mendoza step up his claim that he had written his version, We can Achieve, in 1983. He has video proof that children in the orphanage had sung the song in 1983. The stated that all cassettes, sheets and proof of performance were washed away in flood on July 26, 2005. Additionally, the original place of performance, Shanmukhanada Sabha hall, was burned down in Feb 1990, and there is no record of it. 

In this case, his new claim of having videos seems to have many holes in it. These wishy-washy claims look like it will all go up in smoke!

Source: Today

3) boy drowned off Changi Beach when the water rose, swept off by strong currents.

A 14-year-old boy who drowned in the sea off Changi Beach did not know-how to swim and panicked when the water level rose and he could no longer feel the sea bed, a coroner's court heard on Thursday.

The danger of unsupervised play is always there. While we cannot monitor 24/7, we should at least educate the children on potential dangers.

Source: CNA

4) Nearly 6 in 10 Singaporeans aren't sleeping well because of Covid19

We are the second most sleep-starved nation after Britain in a survey taken in 2018. With Covid19, we may propel ourselves to the top spot. 

We think it is the WFH culture that is affecting most people. With more time at home, there are opportunities to catch up on K Drama on Netflix. That would account for many of us watching it till the wee hours in the morning, resulting in lesser sleep.

Source: CNA

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