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Changi Jurassic Mile Review and Update 2021 : New Additions and Complete Guide


Have you been to the Jurassic Mile?

It had been 5 months since Jurassic Mile has opened to the public. Amazingly, this dinosaur has not visited the place yet. 

So, on a clear sunny afternoon, I decided to head down to Changi Airport.   Terminal 4 to check out the hype. Since it is still the school holidays, I was expecting a crowd. Instead, the park was mostly empty. 

Initially set up with 20 dinosaurs, there are additional baby dinosaurs to the mix during the last couple of months. A total of 12 displays are lined up along this stretch for you to take photos during your walk. The entrance is free to this attraction.

Starting Point: Changi Airport Terminal 4

If you are driving, the best place to start would be from Changi Airport.   Terminal 4. If you start from East Coast Park instead, the nearest carpark is a good 2km away. Unless you want to exercise, it is best to park at T4 Carpark 4A. The Jurassic Mile is conveniently located next to the carpark.

The start point would be from the Pterodactyl with a sign that states Changi.   Jurassic Mile. As mentioned earlier, there were not much of a crowd. If you have not visited due to crowds because of Covid19 fears, this would be the best time to visit.

Upon the entrance, a long stretch of the road awaits. This stretch of road is approximately 850m from end to end. Initially, I was expecting a mile stretch since it is the Jurassic mile. Nonetheless, if you walk from one end and back, you would have walked a mile in total. It's quite a walk, so those with younger kids might want to take note of this. 

The Jurassic Mile is actually part of the Changi Airport Connector meant to connect East Coast Park to the airport. If you are cycling, you can actually cycle all the way from East Coast Park to the Airport.

Let the Journey begin!

What to see?
There are a total of 12 dinosaurs to discover along the way. They are neatly categorised as Herbivorous, Predatory, Defensive and Flying Dinosaurs. There are also informative signboards along the way to describe the dinosaurs you see, thus making this an edutainment trip for the kids. A soothing soundtrack will accompany you throughout the trip, making it a pleasant walk.

Flying Dinosaurs 

The first Dinosaur you would encounter is the flying dinosaurs. Two different Pterodactyl guard the entrance and exit of Changi Jurassic Mile. Apparently, these are new additions to the Jurassic Mile.

Baby Pterodactyl 

In the middle of the path, do look up and try to spot the baby Pterodactyls. These 5 babies are new too.

Defensive Dinosaurs

Triceratops ( NEW ADDITION)

The first land dinosaur that you will encounter is a family of Triceratops. Kids would be familiar with this dinosaur as it is a constant feature in one of the more popular movies - Jurassic World.

The Baby Dinosaurs are a new addition to the exhibit.


A few meters ahead are a pair of Ankylosaurus.

Predatory Dinosaurs

Next up are a trio of Predatory Dinosaurs. These are a popular fan favourite that will surely lit up a child's eyes.


This trio of raptors would surely bring whispers of Jurassic Park on everyone's lips. Made famous by the movie, it will be easily recognisable. Head there in the evening, and you will see them bathed in lights. 

T Rex Eggs
Next up is the infamous T Rex Baby. 

Unlike other exhibits, it is not caged up and let loose on the mile. There is no doubt that it will be a popular Instagram location, so expect some crowd here.

Take all the photos you want, but please do not be like the lady who chose to ride this baby for a TikTok clip. 

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Next up is the Big Daddy of Dinosaur - the T-Rex.  

The way the T Rex 'breaks' through the added overhead netting is pretty realistic. The netting is added as the Jurassic Mile is located next to Tanah Merah Country Club. Golf balls are known to be whizzing to the stretch every once in a while.

Herbivorous Dinosaurs

After the fearful trek with the vicious dinosaurs, you will be greeted by gentle giants.


Brachiosaurus is one of the most realistic exhibits. Nestled next to a lake with Tanah Merah Golf Course as a backdrop, it is the perfect set up for one of the largest dinosaurs that ever roamed the earth.

Stegosaurs ( NEW Addition)

The Stegoraus has a new baby!

Somehow, the baby looks like it has just emerged from Cartoon Network rather than Jurassic Park. 


The Parasaurolophus are another recognisable dinosaur. Unlike their more famous counterparts, many are stump at what to call them. The name Parasaurolophus is such a tongue twister that it even made me type slowly just to get the spelling right.


Rounding up the exhibit is a pair of Apatosaurus. These long neck dinosaurs are so long that you would need a wide lens camera to capture them whole.

After about 800 meters, you would have reached the end of the Jurassic Mile. You know you reach the end when you spot the other Pterodactyl.

Should you decide to continue, you would need to walk about 1.3km to reach the start of East Coast Park. If you are heading there with young kids, it may be better to make a U-turn back to T4 at this stage.


Source: Changi Airport Group

There are new additions to the Dinosaur lineup. Do note that these are technically NOT on the Jurassic Mile. Instead, they are located at the Hub & Spoke and various locations along the 3.5km Changi Park Connector.
Source: Changi Airport Group

 The noteworthy ones are a 3.9 meter tall T rex located near Terminal 4 slip road and a 3.5-metre tall pink Diplodocus outside the VIP complex.

Others include Baby Pterodactyls on a sign at Hub & Spoke towards Jurassic Mile, a baby raptor outside the VIP complex. They are quite a distance from the original Jurassic Mile. For example, Hub and Spoke is another 2 km away from Jurassic Mile. So do adjust your expectations when you are out hunting for them.


Photography Expectation
Most of the exhibits will be behind a fence. If you are thinking of getting Instagramable shots, do factor this in mind. Drones are not allowed in this area as it is next to the airport. Do note that at certain spots, photography is not allowed as these are protected areas (airport)
For Photography, there are yellow boxes for you to take photos of. Try to stay within these yellow boxes for safety, especially if there is a crowd.

When to go?
Go on weekdays instead of the weekend. The place is relatively quiet during the evening as well. If you are crazy like me, you can head there during noon and have a good tan.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale

For the evening walk, there are also lights on the exhibit (as shared by Singapore Atrium Sale) That gives you a different vibe.

Cycle or Walk?

You could cycle there as it is a shared track. However, do note that at most parts, you would need to disembark and walk due to the small lanes there.

Getting there

The easiest to reach Jurassic Mile is to head to T4. If you are parking, park at carpark 4A. Similarly, if you are taking a taxi, request to stop at T4 Carpark 4A.

For public buses, you can take buses 24,27,34,36,53,110 and 858 and alight at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Follow the on-ground signage that will lead you to Jurassic Mile. You can also take the East-West Line to Changi Airport.     MRT via Tanah Merah station.

Located Next to T4 Carpark 4A.

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