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First Day of school Holidays

 Daily Dose: First day of school holidays.

It's the first day of the school holidays, and you have nowhere to go.

That is fine. Give yourself and your kids a good break. That means no online workshops, no classes, no revision, no books ( unless they volunteer). At least for this weekend, let kids be kids. Give them the space they need. Let them watch youtube, play computer games or even rest in bed. 

Many times as parents, we would want the best for kids. We send them to enrichment classes thinking that it would expand their creativity. We send them for tuition in the hopes that they could ace their papers. We send them to sports class because we want to give them a balanced lifestyle. We send them to coding classes because they might have the potential to be the next Steve Jobs. All along, have we ever pause and ask the children what they want? 

The reality is that kids these days are swamped with classes. On a typical school week, there may not even be a proper rest day for them. If there is one, they would have to catch up on homework. As adults, we yearn for weekends to come so that we can have a break and recharge. Would it not be fair to allow kids to do the same?

During Phase 2 HA, we are told to limit outdoor activities. Some parents had turned to online workshops or classes to fill the time. It may be more relaxing for the kids to just be kids. Just let them do what they want this weekend.

PS: Daily Dose will be taking a day off on Sunday. This Daddy needs his rest too. Be back on Mon!

1) 30 COVID-19 Cases

  • 15 Community Cases
  • 15 Imported

Out of the 15 cases, 4 were unlinked, and  3 linked cases detected through surveillance.

The numbers are coming down, and it is a good sign that the restrictive measures of Phase 2 HA is working.

Source: MOH

2) 2 more students added to the list

They are linked to an existing cluster - Hong Ye Grouper cleaners. It is unlikely that the infection is from school. Moreover, symptoms only appear after May 23. Thus the risk of infection in school from these 2 cases are unlikely.

Source: TWD

3) Singapore planning for the possibility that COVID-19 becomes endemic here

This could mean Singaporeans will need to get booster jabs from time to time, he noted. In the coming months, better treatments could also be developed for the disease, making it less of something to fear, he added at a virtual press conference

At the same time, no further tightening is deemed necessary for Phase 2 HA. Additional updates will be provided on Monday.

Source: ST

4) Govt unveils $800m packages for firms and individuals, including wage support, new cash payouts for some tenants.

Targeted support for those most affected directly due to Phase 2 HA

Source: Today

5) Tiong Bahru Plaza, PLQ Mall, Chinatown Point, Parkway parade are places visited by COVID-19 when infectious.

A few malls are added to the list. 

The full list can be found here.

Source: CNA

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