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Bio-X Kleanze Air : Your personal protection against Airborne Diseases

With COVID-19 lurking in our midst, personal hygiene is of utmost importance.

Other than masks and sanitiser, what else can we do to protect ourselves when we are in public places?

Bio-X Kleanze Air is a gamechanger in our defence against COVID-19. Approved by National Environment Agency (NEA) for COVID-19, it has been scientifically tested for over a year and is deemed safe for use in diffusers. 

BIO-X Kleanze Air

The Bio-X Kleanze Air is essentially a diffuser based on  Bio-X organic solution properties, an essential oil with the disinfectant property. Bio-X Klenaze is a disinfectant that is effective against 99.99% of bacteria and virus. The good thing is that it triples up as a deodorizer, insect repellent with anti-fungal properties. This formula is certified as non-poisonous, free from DEET, chlorine and alcohol.

With reports that COVID-19 can be airborne, having a solution that can remain inactive the COVID-10 virus in 2 minutes would be useful, especially in indoor environments such as a classroom.

The diffuser comes in a nifty package. With a small pouch, this device is small enough for you to carry anywhere. It comes with a removable glass compartment for you to fill with the Bio-X Kleanze Air solution.

For the solution, you have to mix it with water in parts of 1:15. The glass compartment can contain approximately 2 parts solution with water. The diffuser can be charged and works wirelessly for a few hours. You can either set it to continuous spray or intermittent spray. 

Personally, we think this is useful to be put in classrooms or even cars. Imagine if you are out on a grocery run, within minutes of stepping into the car with the diffuser on, the virus will be eliminated.

The Bio X Kleanze Air can be purchased in a bundle that consists of 

  • 1 Unit of Bio-X Kleanze Air Lavender (240ml)
  • 1  Unit of Bio-X Kleanze Air Pine (240ml)
  • 1  Unit of Bio-X Ultrasonic Humidifier ( Green or Purple)
  • 1 Unit of PET Mixing Bottle

It is currently retailing at a promo price of $34.

You can get your products at

TWD was provided with a unit for this review

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