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Trace Together Token or App : Which is better?

Trace Together Token is now avaliable for collection islandwide.

After a long wait for the tokens to arrive at our CC, we finally collected the TraceTogther Token. 

The wait at the CC was not long for the Token. In fact, compared to reports a month ago, there is hardly any queue.

You probably would have read about our post on the TraceTogether App. Compared with the TraceTogether Token, which one would you choose? 

Here are the Pros and Cons of using the TraceTogether App vs Token

Trace Together App


  • No need additional devices. The app is installed into your mobile phone
  • No need to queue to scan. Simply point at QR and check-in.
  • Allow for group check-in ( at the moment)
  • Able to see Trace Togerh history and possible exposure to Covid19 via the App


  • Drain Batteries especially on iPhone
  • Elderly may need time to get use to the App
  • Need to get a SmartPhone

Trace Together Token


  • Standalone, so you need not pull out the phone every time to check-in
  • Useful for taking to places where carrying phones is cumbersome - Eg Pool
  • Children without handphones can use the token instead.


Which one is mine, Daddy?

  • One device per user, easy to get mixed up in a household if they are all the same colour
  • Have to carry an additional device. Can be bulky in the pocket.
  • The battery needs to be replaced after 6 months.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Easy to lose or misplace it.
  • Cannot trace the history or possible contact
  • Need to queue to scan if there is a crowd.
  • Not all shops (especially neighbourhood shops) have equipment or manpower to scan the tokens for entry.


If you have a child, it will be a no brainer to use the Trace Together Token.  Given that Trace Together would be compulsory something in 2021 when the take-up rate is high enough, it would be better to get it now then wait for the last minute to jostle with crowds. According to guidelines, all individuals aged seven and above are required to use either the Tracetogether Token or App in school. As not all students have a mobile phone, getting this token will be necessary.

As for adults, it depends on your preference and what activities you are engaging in. For those who wish to conserve phone batteries, it may be better to use the token instead.

Collection of Trace Together Token

Trace Together Token can now be collected at CC. There are currently 39 active collection venues with stocks. You have to bring your ID with barcode and ID. It can be NRIC or Student Pass/ Birth Certificat (for Children)

You can check your collection points here.


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