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Phase 3 starts today

Phase 3 has officially started.

The change that would be welcome by many is the increase in social gathering of 8 people. You can now meet 8 of your friends for a meal outside or invite 8 of them to your house. This would mean the possibility of an extended family meeting together.

While this is great news, continue to stay vigilant. The year-end party might be on the cards, but do be sensible about it. Don't go and plan for an 8 + 8 + 8 party like how people use to plan for a 5 +5 +5 party. 

On that note, this is the last week of the school holidays. Enjoy it while it lasts!

1 5 Covid19 Cases

5 Imported cases

This is the 6th day without a local community case. It's assuring to kick off Phase 3 in a positive note.

Source: MOH

2) Phase 3 starts today

Here is a recap of the changes for Phase 3.

Notable changes as follows

-Social Gathering increase from 5 to 8

-Operating capacity of attractions increase to 65%

-Worship services increase to 250 pax capacity

-Live performances increase to 250

Detailed changes are on the following link

3) Another Covid19 case may have originated from Mandarin Orchard Singapore

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Saturday (Dec 26) it is probing another Covid-19 patient who had served part of his stay-home notice (SHN) at Mandarin Orchard Singapore hotel for possible links to earlier cases at the hotel.This makes it a second day in a row that a fresh Covid-19 infection was found among someone who had served SHN at the hotel.

Would this be considered a cluster?

Source: Today

4) Groups of up to 8 people to be allowed for sports activities.

Can play 4 x 4 Basketball or football, but cannot play a football match with 11 vs 11!

Source: Today

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