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Phase 3 Starts on Dec 28


It's official.

Phase 3 will start on Dec 28.

This is what you can expect from Phase 3

Social Gathering increase to 8 pax

Social Gathering in public to increase to 8 pax. 

Visitors to home will also include 8 pax excluding the household members

Marriage solemnisation held at home can also be increased from 10 persons to 8 visitors and members of the hosting household, the solemniser and vendors even if it exceeds the cap of 10 people.

Increase Operating Capacity of Attractions from 50% to 65%. 

Capacity limit to increase from 10 square metres per person to 8 square metres per person.

Places of Worship allowed up to 250 persons

Live music for worship service allowed. Places of worship can have 250 persons in a zone of up to 50 persons each for congregation services

Live Music allowed for Marriage Soleminsations (indoor venues only), funerals and funeral related activities.

Live Performances in the Arts and Culture can now have 250 persons for both indoor and outdoor performances.

They must be in groups of 50.

Vaccination when available will be voluntary

  • The first priority is given to the healthcare workers, frontline personnel and the elderly and vulnerable.
  • Everyone else will get the vaccine by end of next year.
  • PM Lee will be vaccinated early to show Singaporeans, especially seniors that the vaccines are safe
  • The vaccine will be used will be from Pfizer, there will be 2 doses recommended for age 16 and up.
  • Pregnant woman, below age 16 and immunocompromised people are not recommended.

Vaccination will be free to all Singapore and all long term residents.

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