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Dec 28


Daily Dose : Dec 28

Mark that date on your calendar. Phase 3 will begin on Dec 28.

In case you think this is time for celebration, think again. Phase 3 is calibrated to move Singapore closer to normalcy. It does NOT mean the end of wearing masks, having parties or large gatherings. Instead, it allows for immediate families to meet, business to expand capacity and people to head back to places of worship. 

Before you go gung-ho and proclaim a Phase 3 party at your house, please be aware that Covid19 is not eradicated and the nation is not vaccinated yet.

On that note, we are pretty curious about the date. Dec 28 is a couple of days after Christmas thus ensuring Christmas parties will be reined in. However, that gives room for people to bust the limit on New Year's Eve. With pent up need to socialise, a loosening of sorts may lead to a stampede of groups descending down Marina Bay. Already we had seen families and friends using the guise of staycation to go out in groups of more than 5. Hopefully, this 'green light' would not result in a mass gathering come to New Year's Eve.

1) 5 Covid 19 cases

All imported. The last case o locally transmitted Covid19 was from the dorm on Dec 11. This marks the 3rd day without a local case.

Source: MOH

2) Phase 3 to start on Dec 28

The main changes are as follow

-Social Gathering increase to 8 

- House Visits increase to 8

- Lifting cap of visitors for weddings at home

- Attractions increase operation capacity from 50%-80%

-Worship Service to increase to 250 pax

-Live performances for indoor and outdoor to increase to 250 pax.

For more on Phase 3, you can read this post.

3) Free Covid19 vaccinations for Singaporeans and Long Term Residents

The entire adult population will be offered vaccinations on a voluntary basis. Priority to be given to healthcare workers and front-line personnel. Will you be the first to take it?

Source: ST

4) Grand Park Orchard says long check-in queues caused by a surge in bookings.

It is not the only hotel with long queues over the weekend.

Source: ST

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