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COSMO Water Dispenser Review: Should you get it?

Fancy having HOT and COLD water at your fingertips?

If that is the case, you would need a Water Dispenser. A Water Dispenser is one that dispenses water at room temperature. For modern Water Dispensers, some will provide other functions such as Hot / Cold Water as well as filtered water.

Choosing a water dispenser is not an easy task. In the market, you have freestanding water dispenser as well as the smaller countertop water dispenser. Freestanding water dispenser tends to come with bottled water container attached to it while countertop water dispensers are plugged to the water supply line ensuring that you have a constant water supply to it.

Why choose COSMO Quantum?

Germany Designed

We first heard of COSMO when we tried their COSMO Air Purifier. With great reviews from  Best 5 Water Dispensers in Singapore, it is hard to pass the opportunity to give the COSMO Quantum a shot.

Countertop Water Dispenser

The COSMO Quantum is a countertop Water Dispenser. If space is a constraint, a countertop Water Dispenser would make a better choice that the chunky bottled dispenser. The footprint is a mere 44.5 x 18.5 x 39.4cm, requiring a space that is slightly bigger than a kettle. 

Easy installation for COSMO

This is a pipe in system and installation is relatively straightforward if your water pipes are close to the place where you are setting it up. You might need to make a hole at the countertop for the pipes to fit through. Other than that, you would need to connect this unit to a PowerPoint to set it up.

A pipe in tankless system will eliminate the need to top up water compared to a bottled system or even an electrical airpot.

COSMO Ultra Precision Filter

Filter System

The COSMO Quantum comes with Ultra Prevision filter that is designed to be as fool-proof as possible, allowing only water particles to pass-through. The filter has a size of 0.001 to 0.0001 microns and is designed to remove bacteria, pollutants, viruses, heavy matters, organic and inorganic matter

Build in UV LED Sterilisation
Built-in UV

To add to the filtration system, there is also an in-built UV light that ensures thorough disinfection to the water passing through. This added feature will help eradicate micro-organisms and bacteria to provide pure and safe filtered water for you and your family.

Alkaline Option Available
Easy to use

You could opt-in for an Alkaline Filter. The Alkaline option will provide you with Alkaline water. Alkaline water has benefits such as anti-oxidant properties, improves bone health, detoxifies the body, improve skin complexion among many others. The Alkaline option is available at no extra cost.

6 Step Filter System 
Source: COSMO

The COSMO Quantum comes with a 6 step Filter System
  1. Sediment Filter
  2. Cosmo Ultra Precision Filter
  3. Activated Carbon Filter
  4. UV LED Sterilisation
  5. Alkaline Filter
  6. Antibacterial Filter

This 6 step filtration is said to filter water with a precision of up to 0.0001 microns!

Hot and Cold Option

Hot and Cold Option 

The COSMO comes with Hot and Cold Option that would provide instantaneous hot water suitable for coffee or tea and cool water as low as 5 degrees. You have the option of 3 temperature settings.

Cold Water: 5-10 ℃
Luke Warm Water: 30-45  ℃
Hot-Steaming Water: 89-97 ℃

This feature would be great for parents with little ones on Baby Milk Formula as you can customise the temperature to prepare the child's milk powder.

Save space in the fridge
Choose various water output
With the ability to dispense water from 180ml to 220ml to 1000ml, there is really no need to store cold water in the fridge. You could eliminate bottled waters from your grocery shopping list and save both time and money. 

Designed in Germany
Sleek and Modern

This is a sleek modern water dispenser designed in Germany. You can tell that it oozes appeal with its minimalise appearances. Controls are touch-sensitive buttons with an LCD display. The classy appearance will make it a welcoming appliance in a modern home. The unit is available in Metallic Black and White.

Filtered water at your fingertip

We love the idea of having pure filtered water at our fingertips. The COSMO Water Dispenser has effectively eliminated the need for a kettle or electrical airpot. It has also freed up space in the fridge as we rely lesser on bottled water for consumption. 

The COSMO Water Dispenser is available online here.
Usual Price: $2698, now $1599 ( As of 25 Feb)

More information on Cosmo can be found in these links.

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