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Poinsettia Wishes @ Flower Dome Review

Ho Ho Ho

Christmas is just around the corner.

To get into the mood, we head down to Gardens by the Bay Poinsettia Wishes to soak in the Christmas atmosphere. 

Usually, during this period of holidays, we would have head to a cold country for holiday. This year, Covid19 had taken a lot of everyone, including the luxury of travel. Fret not, we could still feel the chill with a trip down to Poinsettia Wishes at Gardens By the Bay.

The Flower Dome transfers to a European Christmas arena. While we are unable to travel overseas, at least we get to experience Europe at our downsteps.

Gouda Townhall

The Gouda Townhall will no doubt be the highlight of Poinsettia Wishes. Gouda by Candlelight, also know as Kaarjesavond, is an annual Christmas tradition held in the city of Gouda, surrounding the Gothic Goudse Stadhuis, otherwise known as Gouda Townhall.

Now you can expect a mini replica at the Flower Dome itself. There is even a wishing well for those who want to make a wish for a better 2021.

Christmas Nutcrackers

Accompanying the Gouda Townhall are Christmas Nutcrackers. These toy soldiers are given as a symbol of good luck and protection to the families.


Look for Nisse. Resembling little Santa Claus, they are mischievous domestic sprite who protects and look after the farm and household.

Christmas Flowers

While you are there, admire the festive blooms of Poinsettia, Kalanchoe, Christmas Roses set underneath Christmas Trees.

Recycled Christmas gifts
Check out the intrigue gifts that you can make on your own for Christmas presents.

Luminarie Light Sculptures

Source: Gardens By the Bay

Last but not least, look out for the Luminarie Light Sculptures that return to the Flower Dome after a 5-year Hiatus. We were there a tad too early to see the lights. The best time to visit would be after 7pm.

There can be quite a crowd due to space constraints. Do book your tickets in advance before heading down.

After you finish the tour around Flower Dome, there are 2 other events you could visit.
Travel to the past with 'Once an Upon a Time at the Orient Express'.

Orient Express

This once in a lifetime chance to experience the Orient Express will be ongoing till June 13 2021. You can read our review here.

Christmas Wonderland

Alternatively, bask in a sea of light with a visit to Christmas Wonderland, an annual family favourite event at Gardens By the Bay. The Walk of Lights will end on 27 Dec.

Poinsettia Wishes is now at the Flower Dome from 27 Nov to 3 Jan.

Wishing you an early Merry Christmas ahead!

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