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Daily Dose : 45

The highest tally over 4 months since the Dorms. The question one would ask now is what is the magic number that would be considered too high?

With every case, mean using national resources. At the rate we are going, there could be thousands within a month. It will be interesting to see the % of visitors that were tested negative pre-flight but positive thereafter too. This would gauge if we need to tighten measures or if this is an acceptable level for us to absorb.

1) 45 New Covid19 cases

44 Imported 

1 Local Case

The local cases is a 32-year-old Singaporean who works as a para-veterinarian at Singapore Police Force. The job is mainly teleconsultations with dog handlers.Given the job scope, it is unlikely that he had got it from home and more likely to have got it from social settings or other locations.

The 44 imported cases as follows

  • 3 (Cases 59263, 59264 and 59287) are Singaporeans who returned from Qatar, the Philippines and UK.
  • 3 (Cases 59253, 59254 and 59286) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from the UAE and Ukraine.
  • 2 (Cases 59250 and 59281) are Student’s Pass holders who arrived from Pakistan and Myanmar.
  • 3 (Cases 59255, 59256 and 59285) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India and the UAE.
  • 29 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines, of whom 14 (Cases 59265, 59266, 59270, 59271, 59273, 59274, 59276, 59277, 59278, 59279, 59282, 59283, 59293 and 59294) are foreign domestic workers.
  • 4 (Cases 59284, 59289, 59290 and 59295) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Case 59284 arrived from India to visit his Singaporean child. Case 59289 arrived from Indonesia as a caregiver to her parent who was already receiving medical care in Singapore and had returned for further treatment. Cases 59290 and 59295 arrived from Brazil to participate in an eSport event.
Although the numbers are high, it is one of the rarer days where India did not take the lead. Instead, work permits from various countries, particularly Bangladesh forms the bulk of the cases..

2) Trace Together check-ins not compulsory yet
Some retailers have turned on the function too early. Only selected venues such as cinemas, live performances and selected nightlife venues require Trace Together. It will only be implemented once everyone has a chance to collect a token in their constituencies.

Source:  ST

3) Chong Pang City Wet Market & Food Centre, JEM, among new places visited by Covid19 cases

Source: CNA

4) Courts take over Space vacant by Robinson at Heeren for its new flagship store.
A Mega Electrical Store in the heart of Orchard Road. Honestly, this does not set the heart racing. Unless they are selling iPhone 13 or have some unique electronics or home products, it really does not make sense to head down there when you can get the same thing nearer to home.

Source: ST

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