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We just cannot get enough of CNY Goodies.

When approached us for a review, it was hard to resist the treats. Given that Covdi19 remains a treat, it was more assuring to be able to shop in the comfort of your home rather than heading out to the jam-packed malls. 


Who is

Unlike other online CNY stores, has a humbler beginning. Base on the website, it was said to be founded by Mdm Teo who was retrenched and set up her own home bakery. Despite the humble beginning, it has amassed several positive reviews from notable online food critics such as sethlui and Miss Tam Chiak. Additionally, they claimed to be one of the top 2 bakeries that sell CNY goodies in Singapore.


10 Must-Try Goodies

Pineapple Tarts on a wooden plate
Pineapple Tarts

Back to CNY Goodies, is known for its award-winning pineapple balls and tarts (hence the name ). Other than the Pineapple Tarts, they also handmade several other kinds of CNY Goodies. 

For those who have not ordered CNY goodies online before and are sceptical that all the of them came from the same 'factory', we can assure you that based on our online CNY goodies experience, there is a distinct difference between them to warrant a try.

Here are our top 10 picks.

1) Nyonya Pineapple Tart $20.80

Nonya Pineapple Tart
Nyonya Pineapple Tarts

This handmade Nyonya Pineapple Tart is one of our favourite pineapple tarts. The crust is baked to a light golden tan, while each Pineapple filling is rolled into a perfect ball. You can tell that there is a lot of work done on it's base on the detailed patterns of the Pineapple Tart. 

The tarts are bite-size, ensuring that there are no crumbling bits when you popped into your mouth. The savoury sweet pineapple filling is delightful with each bite.

2) Award Winning Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pineapple Tart $23.80

Pineapple Ball
Pineapple Balls

We tend to take the term 'award-winning' with a pinch of salt. Nonetheless, this pineapple ball deserves the accolade. The crust was soft and really melt in your mouth. This was followed by an explosion of the tangy pineapple taste in your mouth. The only gripe is that the crust is a tad too soft that it may crumble when you grab it to satisfy your tastebuds.

3) Kueh Bangkit - Flower $16.90
Kueh Bangkit - Traditional CNy Goodies
Kueh Bangkit

There were 2 versions of Kueh Bangkit on the website. One is award-winning and costs $23.80, the other was this non-award-winning version that comes in a flower design. We purposely ordered the cheaper version and had little expectation of it. 

As a fan of Kueh Bangkit since I was a kid, this version came close to the ones I ate in the past. The crust was less powdery than some melt-in-the-mouth version. While it is not soft, it is not hard either. In fact, I thought the texture was just right. The distinct tapioca coconut taste is still there at each bite. One of the better Kueh Bangkit we had tasted. Given the price, its value for money. 

4) Premium Spicy Hae Bee Hiam ($19.80)
Hae Bee Hiam
Hae Bee Hiam

Hae Bee Hiam is another must-have CNY goodie in your cupboard when guest visits. Kids love this popiah like snacks. Each bite is crunchy and highly addictive. The spice level is manageable by kids standard. 

5) Low Sugar Cashew Nut Cookies ( $16.80)

Cashew Nut Cookies
Cashew Nut

The family loves cashew nuts. So when it comes in the form of a cashew nut CNY snack, we just cannot say no to it. The nuts are crunchy while the crust could be much better if it is melt-in-your-mouth. If you are a cashew nut fan, this snack would be added to your cart.

6) Premium Honey Chicken Floss Crispy Cracker ( $19.80)

Crispy Crackers
Crispy Crackers

I ordered this as it reminded as me of the crispy crackers with biscuits of yesteryears. The crackers tasted like those in the past. Crunchy and crispy, it will surely leave a mess if you are not careful. However, to have a bite of memory, it is priceless.

7) Salted Egg Fish Skin Crackers $19.80

Fishskin Crackers
Fish Skin Crackers

The next few goodies are what I term as guilt-free goodies. Traditionally, CNY goodies are synonymous with weight gain due to the high carbs in the crust and fillings. Nowadays, there are options that do not have carbs or have little carbs making it a pleasure to indulge in it.

One of them is the salted egg Fishskin Crackers. Unlike the prepacked ones sold in Supermarkets, this one was fresh and exceptionally crunchy. The salted egg taste and texture are just right. A must try!

8) Salted Egg Popiah Cracker $19.80

Seaweed crackers
Popiah Skin Crackers

An alternative to fish crackers are these salted egg popiah crackers. These are essentially seaweed wrapped in popiah skin and dipped in salted egg. While it may sound sinful, it is actually a better option than pineapple tarts for weight watchers due to the lower carbs content.

9 ) Mala Fishskin Cracker ( $19.80)

Mala Fishskin
Mala Fishskin Crackers

This year's twist to CNY goodies is these Mala Fishskin crackers. Mala is fast becoming the hip taste in Singapore. Add this to Fishskin crackers and you will get an explosive taste. Get a bottle of iced water ready, because it is hot! 

Great for fans of Mala.

10) Mala Crab Stick Cracker ($20.80)

Mala Crab Stick Crackers
Mala Crabstick Crackers

If you would like to try something with a twist, how about getting the Mala Crab Stick Cracker instead.

A warning first, they are as addictive, if not MORE addictive than the fishskin version!


We think homemade CNY goodies trumps those factory-made cookies you will find in Supermarkets. For one, it is freshly made. The taste and texture are worth the premium prices you pay for it.

It was easy to order from the website. Simply choose your snacks and add to cart. Payment is via Paypal and there is free shipping for orders above $88. For orders lesser than the amount, an $8 shipping fee is added to the final tab. Do place your orders early as selected items sold out pretty fast.

You can place your orders on this link.

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