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Daily Dose: Merry Go Round

Have you ever sat on a Merry Go Round?

If you have, you would know that the Merry Go Round ride does not really bring you anywhere except for the circle it revolves around. It is very much like Covid19. When you think that the numbers have fallen and things have progress, it is another round of highs and back to infection at the dorms. It's a broken Merry Go Round that cannot stop.

They said that the vaccine is the way to stop it. In Singapore, the Government had made orders for Pfizer-BioNTech, US Moderna and China's Sinovac. Of the 3, currently, Pfizer is the one that has been provided approved and delivered. While the US vaccines have been promising in terms of efficacy, the Sinovac had shown only a 50% efficacy at a Brazil trial. Moreover, the way it was manufactured was different from the US-based vaccines. 

Given the doubts created on Sinovac and the lack of options for Singapore residents to choose the vaccine, it may impede the take-up rate should Sinovac be used. To mitigate that, this vaccine would have to be re-evaluated for effectiveness and safety. Such doubts will only mitigate efforts for a fast vaccination. If take-up rate is slow and the virus mutated to make it ineffective, we will be back on the Merry Go Round once more.

1) 38 Covid19 Cases

  • 37 Imported
  • 1 Dorm

The 1 case from the dorm throws up a few questions. The case was a new worker from India, arriving on 11 Dec and swab on 21 and 21 Dec. Both came back negative. He was tested again on 12 Jan and the result was positive. While it is classified as a local transmission, questions could be raise from this.

- Is the incubation time too short? 

WHO recommended 14 days, but we had seen cases in Singapore tested positive only after 3 weeks?

- Are there undetected cases at the dorms?

If the case is a local transmission, there is a possibility that there are cases in dorms that are not detected.

- Are Dorms cases with serological tests positive infectious?

Medically, those with past infection are said to be not infectious. However, with over 150K dorm workers infected past and present, one cannot rule this out.

- Are there hidden community case?

The worker had started work on 6 Jan. That would mean possible exposure to the community. Would it be a case of transmission from the community to the worker?

Base on the above, you could say I should apply to be a contact tracer. Jokes aside, it just means we need to continue to be vigilant despite the low numbers.

As for the imported case, after 2 days of consecutive drops, it spikes up again. with the majority of cases from India and Bangladesh who are work permit holders.

Source: MOH

2 Singapore will review Sinovac Covid19 carefully before roll-out

A Brazilian trial only showed 50% effectiveness for Sinovac. Given the case and a different way to manufacture the vaccine, it may be prudent not to rush for approval. In the meantime, if you are scheduled for vaccinations, the proven Pfizer vaccine is currently being used. Better to take it now than to wait in the future where you would not have a choice on the type of vaccine administered.

Source: ST

3 Over 6200 people in Singapore vaccinated so far. 

4 vaccination centres to be operational by end Jan. However, at 6200 vaccinated till date, we are rolling this out a tad too slow compared to other countries. 

Source: ST

4 Pinkish Purple waters at Sentosa South Cove waterway

Dead fishes were found near banks. This is probably due to Algae bloom due to the heat and persistent rain over the past couple of weeks.

Source: ST

5 WhatsApp fights back over privacy concerns as users jump to Telegram and Signal.

Maybe this will mark the end of the endless School Parents Whatsapp group notification that is coming in non-stop on the phone...

Source: ST

6 Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar to be held online

For the 2nd year running, Geyland Hari Raya Bazaar will not be held. We miss the hustle and bustle of Pasar Malam.

Source: CNA

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