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A New Experience

 Daily Dose: A New Experience

The news of yesterday is not Covid19 related but the opening of FairPrice Xtra at Parkway Parade. Since Feb 2020, level 3 of Parkway Parade was vacated with the departure of Giant. Almost a year later, FairPrice Xtra took up space and up it with a game-changer hypermart.

Despite Covid19, it shows that we can still progress and innovate. While we missed the overseas shopping experience, at least there is something new in town that we can explore. It would not be long that this place would be the next hot grocery destination for East-siders. 

With Covid19, anything new would create a buzz. Afterall, we are all stuck in this little red dot. The best thing we can do is to explore the things around us.

1) 17 Covid19 Cases

17 imported

With escalating imported cases hitting a peak at 42 2 days ago, the consecutive drop in cases to 22 and 17 in these 2 days is a relief. While 2 days does not make a trend, at least the numbers are more manageable.

Of the cases, 3 are SC and PR. The rest are from mostly from Indonesia on work permit passes. Interestingly, India which has been the main contributor to imported cases especially on other passes (dependant, LT, ST) has seen a significant reduction to 2. Both cases are work permit cases.

2) Fairprice Xtra opens at Parkway Parade.

We could not help but rave about this new hypermart. It brings a brand new grocery shopping experience in Singapore and one that Eastsiders would enjoy.

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3) Malaysia's King declares state of emergency till Aug 1 to curb the spread of Covid19.

With over 3000 cases reported yesterday, it seems like there is no end to Malaysia's fight against Covid19. Death over the past 2 months exceed those of the first 10 months.  Looks like your Johor shopping trip may need to wait for another few months. In the meantime, there is always FairPrice Xtrat to explore.

Source: ST


4) SIA staff to get Covid19 vaccine from Jan13

SIA staff has been offered to be one of the first group to be offered this vaccination. Since they would travel and interact with people from infected countries, this does make sense. Participation is voluntary.

Source: ST


5) 3 in 4 Covid19 patients suffer at least one symptom six months after infection.

This includes fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression. Being asymptomatic does not mean you would not face these in the future. 

Source: ST


6) Whatsapp Stresses Privacy as users flock to rivals Telegram and Signal.

Facebook tried to salvage the situation with an assurance on the new T & C regarding the privacy of messages on Whatsapp. There were fears that these messages and calls are not encrypted and Facebook would have access to such personal and private date.

Would this mark the end of Whatsapp?

Source: CNA


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