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FairPrice Xtra @ Parkway Parade Review : 10 Reasons Why You should Get Your Grocery Here


FairPrice Xtra has finally opened its doors at Parkway Parade

We first broke the news that the previous tenant, Giant closing February last year and FairPrice Xtra  taking over the premises in September. After a hiatus of 4 months, Fairprice Xtra finally is up and running at Parkway Parade. 

For those who are familiar with the area, there is a Fairprice Finest across the road at Marine Parade Central. What will this new Fairprice bring to the table?

After a grocery trip down on the day of the opening, we could vouch that it is worth the wait. Those who had been to Giant before would be familiar with its no-frills warehouse-like shopping. At Fairprice Xtra, Grocery shopping has elevated to a whole new level that has never been experienced in Singapore!

Fresh Food

We dare say this is the probably the best grocery experience we had and these are 10 reasons why.

1) It is HUGE!

Taking over half the 3rd floor of Parkway Parade, this new Fairprice Xtra is the equivalent of a hypermart. It is so big that there is even a map for it in case you get lost. Trust us, you will get disoriented on your first visit if you do not get familiar with the map first.

Source: FairPrice Xtra

FairPrice Xtra at Parkway is split up into 5 zones - Fresh *& Local, Dine-in & Fun, World's Favourite, Groceries, Home & Beauty Essentials. There are a total of 34 experiences spread among all 5 zones!

Wine Section

2) Fresh Food

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Rows of Fresh fruits and vegetables greet you at the entrance. Other than that, you will find fresh seafood and meat from the butchery.


Just how fresh is fresh?

Seafood Counter

You can check out the swimming fishes and lobsters before you pick them home for dinner!

Live Fish!

 There is also a deli for those who love freshly cooked meat for a meal.


You can also takeaway hot full chicken for Food to Go. We noted that prices have also decreased from the usual $6.90 to $4.90 for this.

Food to Go

3 New Local and International Grocery

There are new local and international selections that we have not seen before.

Local brands such as Taste that provide ready-made meals that you can bring home to heat up were spotted.

Local Dishes

If you prefer to whip up your own meal, but do not wish to look around for ingredients, Pasar now offers the Simply Cook brand were ready to made Meal kit are prepared. This would mean less time searching for the individual ingredients as well as less waste from cooking.

Prepacked Ready to cook 

As for international, you can try the Japan Niigata Snow-Aged Wagyu Beef that would guarantee to be crisper in texture and sweeter in taste.

Snow Aging Beef @ Fairprice Xtra

Other first in the store include ready to eat nuts and even a salad bar.

Ready to Eat

4 Dine-in Specials
The Kitchen

Normally when you go to a grocery shop, you would buy grocery back and cook. However, at Fairprice Xtra, you can pick your meat the Kitchen, choose a style to cook and they will cook the meal for you on the spot at Ban Tong Seafood.

Ban Tong Seafood

You could opt to have your meal at the store too, with a special zone for dining in.
Dine in

5) It has a Bakery, a Coffeeshop, Ice Cream Parlour, Japanese Sushi counter and even a Cocktail Bar!
The Bakery

Other than The Kitchen, you have a bakery that serves up 3rd generation family recipe from the House of Bakers.
House of Bakers

There is also Tiong Hoe Coffee that carries at least 20 different origins of speciality coffee from Africa, Asia, South and Central America.
Tiong Hoe Coffee

Treat yourself to a Japanese meal at Kai Japanese Sushi.

Kai Japanese Sushi

Cool yourself down with locally made Italian gelato at Algreo Gelato
Algreo Gelato

Last but not least, take a break at the first cocktail bar in a supermarket. 
The Bar

Yes, you heard it right, a bar. It serves alcohol too! 

6) Special Corner for Kids

Kids Corner

There is even a special corner for kids. While there are only a few rides and Pokemon game machines there, we think that this section has potential. Add a few claw machines and Ball pit and you would have a good place to put the kids. Unfortunately, due to Covid19, these upgrades would probably need to wait.

7 Home and Living

Home and Living
Other than groceries, there is also a section on Home and Living. Here you can find several home accessories. 
Sport Section
There is even a sports section here.

For kids, there is a small toy section and bicycles to choose from.

There is also Unity section there for you to stock up your medical needs.

8 Wide aisle to shop
Baby Products

The selection of dried goods is neatly placed in wide aisles. 

Wide Aisle @ Fairprice Xtra

From baby products to snacks to alcohol, it is easy to find what you need.

Beer Wine and Spirits

There is an International selection where you can choose snacks from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and more
International Selection

If you are missing CNY sales at Chinatown this year due to the cancellation, you still can get your CNY goodies at FairPrice Xtra!

9) 4D
4D @ Parkway Parade

For those who missed the 4D outlet at Parkway, there is one at FairPrice Xtra too. It is located near one of the two entrances. Ok, it is not an essential reason for you to shop there, but it would be more convenient for one who would like to purchase grocery and 4D at the same time.

10 ) Unique Grocery Experience

With the addition of Dine in options and the upmarket look and feel, this does feel more like a shopping experience that one would get in Australia or even neighbouring Malaysia. For once, we are glad that Fairprice Xtra had decided to put in Xtra efforts to make grocery Xtra special. 

Big Customer Service area

Be warned, your one-hour grocery trip could easily turn into two or more hours when you are down at Fairprice Xtra. 

Given that we are regulars at the Fairprice across the street, we would probably change allegiance and shop here at the new Fairprice Xtra. We could get everything we want from here and more. That said, we have a sneaky feeling that the Marine Parade Central branch may close if the Parkway Parade outlet proves to be a runaway success. 

See you soon!

Last but not least, this is not the only new store opening at Parkway. We spotted this new HOT POT by Seoul Gardens opening soon. It is located just outside Fairprice Xtra. Maybe a future review?

Like to see more? Check out our Grocery Shopping Experience.

80 Marine Parade Road #03-28
Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269

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