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The Next Step


Daily Dose: The Next Step

For many 16 years old, yesterday marks another milestone with the O Level's results.

The next step will be deciding which route to take- JC, Poly or another alternative. It will never be easy. Personally, I think this step is more important than choosing a secondary school. This would probably determine your job path for the future too.

Choose wisely!

1) 22 Covid19 cases

22 Imported

Of the imported cases, 4 are Singaporean and PR, the rest are work permit holders, dependant pass holders, LT pass holders and ST Pass holders.  India forms the bulk of imported cases with 11 having travel history to India. Indonesia and Bangladesh are the other contributors. Interesting, India cases are mostly Dependant pass or LT / ST passes while Indonesia and Bangladesh are work permit holders. Despite opening our borders, it seems like only a few selected countries have always contributed to the imported cases on a daily basis since we opened our borders.

Even with pretest before flights, such cases continue. One would question if the influx is due to volume or would there be a loophole allowing Covid19 cases here for treatment. Given the numbers, it might be prudent to relook existing border restrictions.

Source: MOH

2) Covid19 Vaccination centres to be up soon, jabs also to be given in polyclinics and GP

Currently, the roll out is not as fast as one anticipated as we are only vaccinating hundreds instead of thousands. Given Singapore's knack for efficiency, we could do better. Then again, there are people who would still choose to wait and see. 

The current approve vaccine is only the Pfizer-BioNTech that requires 2 doses, 21 days apart.

Source: ST

3) O Level results: 85.4% of 2020 cohort attain 5 or more passes

It's a marginal improvement despite Covdi19. It is also the best showing at the national exams despite lockdowns and school closures. 2019 rate was 85.2

Source: ST

4) 2020 JC Cut Off points

Application for JC will be via the Joint Admission exercise.

Check here for the 2020 JC cut off points as a guide.

Source: TWD

5) Online Reservations required to withdraw fresh banknotes ahead of CNY

Preorder starts on Jan 18

Collection on Jan 25

You can also collect new notes from DBS pop up auto tellers from Jan 25 to Feb 11 at 41 locations. No prior booking required. 

Those aged 60 and above and people with disabilities do not need to make arrangements when collecting at the banks.

Source: CNA

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