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Do you Trust me?

 Daily Dose: Trust

Trust is not built in a day. It is something that you acquired through the passage of time and the actions you took. Like our Daily Dose segment, our highlights are supported by news reported. So if we were to write a bogus report, it will be quite certain that you would unfollow us if the truth is what you seek.

Yesterday, trust is the main highlight. From the use of Trace Together from a Covid19 centric function to a possible tool for SPF to track down criminals and the return of SIRS payout due to erroneous declaration, trust has been shaken. If one has enough equity, the impact will not be severed from these episodes. However, if repeated, one can be sure that the consequences would be there. 

To prevent that, always disclose the truth. It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but at least it is not swept under the carpet.

1) 28 New Covid19 cases

  • 2 Community Cases
  • 26 Imported Cases

Community cases include 1 unlink case. The unlink case is a short term visit pass holder who arrived from India on 10 Dec. This is an odd case. The result of Covid19 came back positive and serological test was positive which indicates a past infection. However, 2 tests in between on 6 Dec and 21 Dec were negative.

The other community case is linked to a crew member who was tested positive. The person is a cargo officer. The serological test came back negative which indicated that it is a present infection.

Source: MOH

2) Police can access TraceTogether data only through person involved in criminal Prode - Vivian B

"Frankly, I had not thought of the CPC, when I spoke earlier," he said, a day after Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan affirmed that under this law, police have the power to obtain TraceTogether data for the purposes of a criminal investigation.

It's important that residents use TT as it will help mitigate the risk of spread in case of Covid19. If we want a sense of normalcy, it is what we should do. While this disclosure may raise doubts on privacy, it may be too absurd to say our every move being tracked. Unless you are a VIP, tracking you 24/7 is probably the last thing one would want to do unless the person is a stalker!

Source: ST

3 No more lengthy Queues outside Lim Cee Guan outlets this CNY

Instead of queues, LCH has gone online. You can order your barbecued items at There will be NO walk-in queues from Jan 20 to Feb 9

Source: TNP

4)  Ikea Alexandra, Celede in Wheelock among new locations visited by Covid19 patients.

The list is much longer. With TT implemented, it will be more detailed.

Source: CNA

5) 1000 self-employed asked to return Covid19 SIRS payout due to erroneous declaration

SIRS payout is up to $9000 per self-employed and available to self-employed earning a net trade income of up to $100,000 and live in a property with the annual value of not more than $21,000. They should not own 2 or more properties.

The qualification is well defined. Those that declared erroneously are just trying their luck. Should have imposed a penalty on a false declaration.

Source: CNA

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