McDonald's Happy Meal Toys January 2021 : Transformers and My Little Pony

Transformers and My Little Pony will arrive at McDonald's in January.

Starting from Jan 7, McDonald's will be giving away either a Transformer: BumbleBee Cyberverse Adventures or My Little Pony Toy for every Happy Meal Purchase. 

There is a total of 4 figures from each set to collect during this period.

Transformer: BumbleBee Cyberverse 

Bumblebee Cybeverse Adventures- McDonald's

 1-13 Jan: BumbleBee

14-20 Jan: Megatron

21 - 27 Jan: Starscream

4-10 Feb: Optimus Prime

* There is a week break 28 Jan - 3 Feb where this range will not be avaliable.

My Little Pony

 1-13 Jan: Pinkie Pie

14-20 Jan: Fluttershy

28 Jan - 3 Feb: Rarity

4-10 Feb: Rainbow Dash

* There is a week break 21 Jan - 27 Jan where this range will not be avaliable

Instead of toys, you could also opt for the book series. There will be a new book during this period. Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures - The Twins Run After a Rhino written by Cressia Cowell, the English children author who is well known for her book ' How to Train a Dragon'.


Unknown said...

Actually the toy is hasbro mini games currently this week is monopoly

ViCkY said...

Hi, which country is this?

TWD said...


TWD said...

Which country? THis one is in Singapore