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First Day of School

Daily Dose: First Day of School.

School officially starts today for P1 and Secondary School Students. The holidays had been a good break from the disruptions caused by Covid19. While overseas holidays were scrapped in 2020, it just meant more time to spend with family and discover new things in Singapore.

Going back to school would also mean busier days ahead as parents would be juggling with work and overseeing school homework. will be with you each step of the way in 2021. For this year, Daily Dose will be increasing family-related coverage in Singapore. Hope to see you around in 2021!

1) 35 new Covid19 cases

35 imported

This is the highest number of Covid19 cases since September. Interestingly, imported cases of Covid19 has been increasing since Phase 3 started

Dec 28 - 4

Dec 29 - 13

Dec 30 - 26 

Dec 31 - 25

Jan 1- 27

Jan 2- 33

Jan 3-  35 

Have we been relaxing our border entry since Phase 3?

Most of the cases comprise of returning citizens, dependant passes, Work Pass Holders, Work Permit Holders and only a small handful of short term visitor passes. A concern raised was if the arrivals were required to be tested negative before arrival. If so, why was there a sudden jump in numbers over the last week?

Source MOH

2)  Record number of O Level and ITE students apply for early admission to polytechnics

Traditionally, January is Result month for O Levels. However, for 6200 students, they have already been offered polytechnic places for Apr 2020 through early admission scheme.

Source: ST

3) 940 000 HDB Households to get GST voucher Rebate for utility bills in Jan 2021

Have you recieve your rebates?

Source: Today - Ministry of Finance

Check out your rebate at this article

Source: Today

4) Rainfall over the weekend is the highest in Singapore in the past 39 years

2021 kicked off with torrential rain over the weekend. It had rained for 3 consecutively days from Friday to Sunday. On Saturday, Changi recorded 210.6 mm off water. This figure was more than half of the average rainfall in January and within top 1 per cent of maximum daily rainfall for the past 39 years!

Source: ST

5) Checklist of items to bring to school

It's back to school today. P2-P6 starts tomorrow

Here is a useful checklist of items to bring to school.

Source: TWD

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