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Happy New Year!

 Daily Dose: Happy New Year!

2021 has arrived in a muted way this year. There were no mega bashes around the island. Instead, many choose to celebrate New Year Eve in the comfort of their home. It was different, yet it reflected well on what 2020 is all about. Change.

A change in the year does not automatically mean that Covid19 has disappeared ( as some had proudly declared on their social media pages. Rather, it just means a reboot of life. As much as we want to reclaim 2020, it is over. With vaccine on the horizon, 2021 could be the start to the highly anticipated recovery. It is not the silver bullet yet. Masks will still be needed until herd immunity is achieved and we will continue to live with the virus with restrictions. With a handful of local cases reported yesterday, it just show that it does not matter if it is 2020 or 2021, we have to continue to remain vigilant.

1) 30 Covid19 cases

  • 25 imported
  • 5 cases in the community

This is the highest number declared for the past few weeks. The handful of local community cases also raise eyebrows. This brings a total of 7 cases in the past week. 4 are linked with previous cases and 3 unlinked.  Among these cases, there was one that may have flouted the maximum 5 pax per social gathering with a meetup of 8 at Parkway Parade. This individual is also linked to 2 other elderly cases - a 79 year old Female and a 50-year-old Male.

Source: MOH


2) RGS student among new Covid19 cases, 2 new clusters linked to marine sector workers

As a result of the link to marine sector workers, there will be a review of precautionary measures for workers in the Marine sector.

Source: ST


3) Residents in Singapore ring in New Year with fireworks in the heartland, virtual festivities

Interestingly, the Countdown show on National TV is rated parental advisory required. After seeing the show that had performers in skimpy outfits, it was rather questionable why they choose this direction for the countdown show that would most likely be watched by families and kids. 

Source: ST


4) Wet and Windy start for the new year - Weatherman

2 weeks ago, they predicted Sunny days. It rained almost every day.

Will they get it right this time around?

The good news is that it is already raining on Day 1 of 2021.

Source: Today


5) Man charged with the attempted murder of a woman in Bedok 

Murder appears to be rising in 2020 with several cases reported for last year. Thankfully, this one did not succeed. Lim Song Chua 59 is accused of trying to kill Ms Heng, 48.

Source: ST


6) STB looking into alleged Covid19 safe distancing breach by group of more     than 10 on Royal Caribbean

It does not mean that if you are on a staycation, you are allowed to flout the laws. Openly defying the law and post it on social media is not exactly a smart thing to do either. It will look like an open challenge to the government along the lines of ' Nana Nana Boo Boo, you cannot catch me'

Source: Today


7) Geylang Serai Market and three other restaurants identified as places visited by Covid19 cases

It has been quite a while since we reported places where Covid19 visited. Expect the list to get longer with the confirmation of 5 local community cases yesterday.

Source: CNA


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