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That Aquarium Changi Road Review : Your One Stop Neighbourhood Aquarium Store

If you are heading to That Aquarium, be prepared for conversations like this

"Let's go to That Aquarium"
"Which Aquarium?"
"That Aquarium lah"
"Which one?"
"That one lor."

You would be surprised by the number of people in the store. Over weekends, we usually encounter crowds if we pay a visit to the store. From the looks of it, fish breeding in Singapore is probably one of the popular hobbies in town.

That Aquarium is a one-stop-shop for fish hobbyists in Singapore. There are 2 outlets- one in the East at Changi Road and the other at Yishun Ring Road. It is not your mega aquariums like Nanyang Aquarium Trading, but it has the basic of what one needs to set up and maintain an aquarium or pond.

The shop we frequent was at Changi Road. It has 2 units along a row of shophouses.  

Aquarium Accessories 
That Aquarium @ Changi Road
The first section is the aquarium accessories.
Air Pumps 

Here you can find fish food, aquarium equipment and medication.
Overhead Filters 

From air pumps to filter canisters to overhead filters, there are sufficient 
Aquarium Plants @ That Aquarium

There is also a small section of plants for the aquariums too.

Aquarium @ That Aquarium

Next door is the aquarium itself.  The usual guppies, goldfishes, bettas can be found here. 

There are also arowana and koi for the serious hobbyist.
Baby Koi @ That Aquarium

Fish tanks and tubs are available should you need one to set up your home aquarium

Filter media and canisters are avaliable too. For filter media, it is mostly generic. We did not see media from international brands such as Biohome or Seachem there.

For a neighbourhood store, That Aquarium also has a loyalty reward. Sign up for their membership and you get a discount off your purchases with them. Price-wise, we would say that this small aquarium is very competitive with times very reasonably priced.

If you are an aquarium hobbyist or planning to start an aquarium, That Aquarium should be one of the first places you start.

That Aquarium @ Changi Road

That Aquarium @ Changi Road
284 Changi Road
Singapore 419763

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