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The Hidden Threat


Daily Dose: The Hidden Threat

Alarm bells rang when it was disclosed that a teen was planning a terrorist attack at mosques. The detailed plans and preparations which include route map, purchasing of a flak jacket and intend to get a machete send chills. 

It is also a reminder that parenting does not stop when a child becomes a teenager. The easy access to radical information online may convert an impressionable child. Do keep a tab on your child every once in a while to keep them on track.

1) 25 Covid19 cases

25 imported

5th day without a local case. Despite the high daily imported cases, credit has to be given for being able to identify and isolate the impact from the community. While this is commendable, the other fear is that the daily rates could put a strain on our medical facilities.  Are we equipped to handle more incoming Covid19 cases?

  • 4 (Cases 59668, 59672, 59674 and 59675) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India and the UAE.
  • 1 (Case 59669) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from India.
  • 2 (Cases 59665 and 59671) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India and the UAE.
  • 18 are Work Permit holders who arrived from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, of whom 16 (Cases 59673, 59677, 59678, 59679, 59680, 59681, 59682, 59683, 59684, 59685, 59686, 59687, 59688, 59689, 59690 and 59691) are foreign domestic workers.

Source: MOH

2) Teen detained under ISA for planning mosque attacks

16 year old student plans terrorist attacks on 2 mosques to kill worshippers on March 15 - the second anniversary of a similar attack in Christcurch, NZ.

Source: ST

3) Singapore most liveable city in the world for 15th year

With less severe lockdown measures for Covid19, it would be an easy pick. 

A study showed that Singapore stayed in first place as most liveable city for East Asian expatriates​ 

This is because of its infrastructure, low pollution and large expatriate communities

Its partial lockdown during the pandemic was also less severe than lockdowns in other locations 

Wellington in New Zealand came in second in the rankings, while three cities in Japan tied for third place

Source: Today

4) Fresh COvid19 restrictions turning Chinese New Year into a social landmine?

An interesting read on how the rule of 8 per day in a household can lead to misunderstandings. Our take is to keep it simple. Visit immediate family and Parents / Grandparents. The rest zoom. If no Ang Pow this year, it is ok. Uncle too old to use e-ang pow.

The eight-person limit introduces a new layer of complexity. Who should you invite? And more importantly, who should you un-invite?

Should we keep your guest list to the immediate family? And who exactly qualifies as an immediate family? For bigger families with more than eight siblings, should you include partners and kids? Should large families have a hosting roster? And if so, which guests should they schedule on the same day?

Source: CNA

Cover Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

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