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Wet Wet Wet

 The 80s band is not making a comeback.

Rather, the first day of the New Year brings incessant rain that lasted till the next day. As the saying goes, when it rains, it pours. On the first day of the new year, we have an additional 3 local Covid19 cases to add to the 5 we had the day before. These 8 cases are as many cases as we had seen in the whole month of December. Could this be the chink in the armour? 

Not exactly the best way to start in 2021, but we make the best of what we have.

1) 30 Covid 19 cases

  • 3 Community
  • 27 Imported

The second day of 30 cases. The imported cases are getting more and more each day. The majority of the cases are foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, India, Myanmar and the Philippines. This highlights a key issue. While we can control the spread in Singapore, we will not be able to contain it from the origins.

The 3 community cases have 2 linked case nd 1 unlink case. One of them is another RGS student who is a close contact of the previous RGS case reported the day before. Another is a family member who had sought medical treatment and had not done a test despite being told to do so by the doctors. Previously, it was reported that those with respiratory infection above 13 will be tested for Covid19 if they show up in clinics. ( Source ST)  Base on this case, it seems like this procedure is not compulsory. There are probably many other cases like this that were undetected as a result. Bottomline, get tested even if it is not compulsory when you have the symptoms to make sure you are not a carrier.

The unlink case is a Japanese with travel history to Japan. He had arrived from Japan on 26 November and was tested on 6 Dec. The test was done less than 14 days of the incubation period. Interestingly, this is not the only case in recent weeks that was tested positive after initial tests that came back negative during the incubation period. Perhaps it is time to relook into the testing timeline for visitors.

Source: MOH


2) Temperatures dips below 22 deg C in some parts of the idea

Flood Warnings at 5 places yesterday reported for  Jalan Seaview, Mountbatten, Siang Kuang Ave, Langsat Road, West Coast Road.

Rain expected to continue till 10.00am today. Flood expected.

Source: ST


3) Mandarin Orchard Hotel to reopen on Jan 2

Restaurants and event spaces will reopen. Mandarin Orchard has stopped taking SNH guest for its hotel.

Source: ST


4) Indonesia Covid19 Ban includes visitors under Singapore Green Lane

Singaporeans cannot travel to Indonesia under existing corridor arrangements after the Indonesia government imposed a temporary ban on entry to all foreign nationals. At the same time, travellers with travel history to South Africa will be ban from entering Singapore

Source: Today


5) Govt to hold public engagement sessions with young couples on raising families in post-Covid-19 world

It will reach out to young families at different life stages, including newlyweds, expecting parents, those with children up to primary school age, single parents, and parents with special needs kids. The priority, she added, was to support Singaporean families — but it would not “exclude feedback” from permanent residents or foreigners. 

Source: Today


6) Ngee Ann City, Bedok Mall and several restaurants among places visited by Covid19 cases

As the number of confirmed cases increases, the list gets longer

The locations include Takashimaya Department Store at Ngee Ann City, Bedok Mall and Tang Plaza. 

Also on the list are eight eateries including Renga-Ya House of Japanese Charcoal BBQ at Chijmes, which was visited on Dec 20; Maetomo Restaurant & Bar at Sheraton Towers Hotel on Dec 26; the Bar-Roque Grill at Amara Singapore on Dec 23 and Tomi Sushi Restaurant at Millenia Walk on Dec 31. The remaining eateries are Chikuyotei Japanese Restaurant at UE Square River Wing, Ristorante Luka at Tanjong Pagar, Warong Nasi Pariaman along North Bridge Road and Tamaya Dining at Cuppage Road, visited on Dec 28.

The market and food centre at 84 Marine Parade Central was also visited on Dec 29.

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