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Rainy Days : 5 Reasons why we should love it

It has been raining non-stop for the past 24 hours.


Jan 1 had literally opened the flood gates in Singapore with flooding reported in some parts of the island. However, while this can be disruptive, rainy days has its pros too.

1 The Air Con Weather

The temperature hit a low of 21.2 deg C at parts of Singapore. At that temperature, there is no need to switch on the air-con. Cool-weather is great for sleeping in, cuddling and generally more comfortable.

2 Savings for Electricity and Water

With cooler temperature, fans and aircon are unnecessary.  Additionally, get a water storage container and collect the rain. It will be good for watering plants and washing toilets. Save on water bill too!

3 Stay at home and Netflix

Going out on a rainy day can be a chore. Unless you are heading indoors, going out would mean the need to grab a brolly and brave the weather and possible floods. Best stay indoors and chill. Catch up on the latest shows on Netflix. We reckoned that Alice in Wonderland and Sweet Home would be worth a watch for this rainy season.

4 Fashion Parade with your winter wear

If you intend to head out, this is the best time to put on the sweaters and light jackets that you had bought for the cancelled holiday to Hong Kong. It would be an upgrade from berms and T-shirt and no one would give you the funky look for dressing up.

5 Fewer people outdoors

If you are heading out, you would probably find that it is less crowded as more opt to stay indoors. With Covid19 and the need for safe distancing, a rainy day might be the best time to head out and avoid the crowds!

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