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New Traditions for CNY?

Daily Dose: New Traditions for CNY

10 More Days to CNY

Honestly, I am still quite unsure how this year's CNY is going to be celebrated in the family. I come from a large extended family with numbers easily exceeding 100 when both sides (mom and dad) families combine. However, with the new rulings, it is impossible to keep the tradition of everyone meeting at the same place. 

As such, traditions such as visiting the elders, big group reunion dinners, meeting cousins for blackjack may all be put under the back burner. New ways to interact, such as using Google Meet or Zoom will take over this year. As for E-AngPow, as great as it sounds, getting the numbers of 50 nieces and nephews and doing paynow to every one of them is a big chore.  Who knows, I might just skip that this year. 

What new traditions are in store for your family this CNY?

1) 29 Covid19 cases

29 imported case

• 2 (Cases 59858 and 59883) are Singaporeans and 3 (Cases 59855, 59857 and 59862) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India and the UAE.
• 3 (Cases 59864, 59885, 59888) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from India and the UAE.
• 2 (Cases 59879 and 59880) are Long-Term Visit Pass holders who arrived from India.
• 4 (Cases 59860, 59869, 59884 and 59889) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India.
• 10 are Work Permit holders who arrived from India, Indonesia and Myanmar, of whom 6 (Cases 59856, 59865, 59866, 59875, 59881 and 59886) are foreign domestic workers.
• 5 (Cases 59859, 59867, 59873, 59877 and 59878) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Case 59859 arrived from Italy for a work project in Singapore. Cases 59867, 59877 and 59878 arrived from India and Indonesia respectively to visit their family members who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents. Case 59873 arrived from India for studies in Singapore.

Another day without local community case. Will we keep this up?

2) River Hongbao to be held at Gardens By the Bay this year.

This year will be without live performances, carnival games and fireworks. Instead, lanterns and Lion Dance exhibition will be the main highlights. Will you go?

Event is free, but ticketed for Crowd Control. Time slots will be released from Feb 3, 11 am. Up to 4 people can be registered per booking.

Source: ST

3) CNY activities for families

This year CNY may be muted but there are still things to look forward to.

Check out our CNY listings here.

Source: TWD

4) Warm, dry weather expected in the first half of February

After a cool January, things will begin to heat up in February with the temperature expected to reach 34 degrees on some days.

Source: Today

5) Four who had severe allergic reactions from Covid19 vaccine have recovered, none need ICU support

That should provide some relief to those who are hesitant about the virus.


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