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D-link DCS 8320LH Review- The outdoor camera that will scare burglars


What do you do when you spot a burglar on your CCTV, and you are out of the house.

In the past, what you probably do is to call the police, a relative, or a friend living nearby or immediately rush home.  With the latest Dlink DCS 8320LH, not only can you monitor your house, you can sound the alarm too!

Looking for a home security system can be a daunting task. Having cameras for indoor use is different from having one for outdoor use. Most indoor cameras are not suitable for outdoor usage. Additionally, you would have to consider other options such as wired, wire-free, the ability to record, InfraRed mode and so forth. 

With the Dlink ecosystem of indoor and outdoor cameras, you are literally covered wherever you are in the house. With the Dlink DCS 8320LH, it goes a step further by giving you added security with a siren alarm that can be activated while you are on the road.

Why Dlink DCS 8320LH

With Dlink latest outdoor camera, the DCS 8320LH provided an elegant solution as a simple yet powerful addition to your security detail. This is the 4th line up to the Dlink outdoor camera range in Singapore. The other 3 are the Dlink DCS 8630LH DCS 8600LH and the wireless DCS 2802 KT.

Specs-wise, this camera stands as an entry outdoor camera compared to the others. While it does not have the full features of the other 3, it does stand out on its own.

Full HD with 135-degree FOV

It comes with a True Full HD resolution at 30fps. Videos are crisp and clear, and the 2-megapixel image sensor. At 135 degree, it gives a decent wide view. IR Night vision of up to 5 meters also allows you to view in total darkness. 

AI-based person detection

This would differentiate between movements created by animals such as dogs or birds and human motion. The benefit would be the reduction of false alarms. The sound and motion detection are also enhanced for better surveillance.


The DCS 8320LH is water-resistant, making it a suitable camera for outdoor use. It operates in extreme weather from -25 to as high as 45 ℃

Build-in Siren Functions

You can opt to turn on the Siren when you are on the road. Imagine this scenario, you have a motion alert and spot a potential burglar. Simply active, the 95db speaker with siren function to ward off intruders. The sirens are turned on remotely and are not motion or voice-activated. There is also a built-in microphone or speaker that allows you to communicate. If you are placing this in front of your gate, this function will be useful for deliveries.

Easy connectivity

Connect via wifi or Ethernet

The unit comes with Wi-Fe and Ethernet connectivity options. 

The build-in Bluetooth helps in a smooth setup. We were up and ready in less than 10 minutes for this unit. It is almost like a plug and play.

Easy Set-Up

Record the deed

You can opt to record to the microSD card (slot provided), phone, ONVIF and Cloud recording. Cloud Recording is free for up to 3 cameras. The recording is kept for the day. You can upgrade to Basic, Premium or Pro plans from USD 2.49 per month. The different plans would give you a longer recording time or increase the number of cameras used for recording. 

Cloud Recording options


Unlike the older model's rectangle and the circular design, this model has a more 'bullet' type of design. We like the fact that the unit can be attached to a pole using cables instead of nails.

 This gave a lot of flexibility to where to place the unit. While decent at about 3 meters, the power cable can be quite a stretch if the unit is not near a power outlet. For placement, it is suggested that the unit is placed at least 2 to 2.5 meters above ground for a better view.

Connection to Google Home,  Amazon Alexa and IFTTT

If you have either of these systems at home, the Dlink 8320LH will play well with them.

Connect to Google Home


Set up took less than 10 minutes with the MyDlink app. The app will auto-detect the camera, and you just follow the instructions for set up. Built-in Wifi strength is decent and covers an extensive range. 

Despite its 'basic' features, we think that it will be more than sufficient. You could use it to monitor your house, pets, delivery, children and more.  For a no-frills camera, it will make an inexpensive addition to your home security.

What's in the box

The items in the box are as follows

  • DCS 8320LH camera with wall mount bracket and tools
  • Power  Plugs (2 pins and 3 pins) and cable
  • Warranty and menu

The Dlink DCS 832oLH is now available at selected stores.

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