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How to Choose the Right RV Water Heater

The bathroom in any home is crucial, but the bathroom in an RV is just as important if not more. 

Hot water is a privilege living out on the open road and one of the things you need to be considerate of is your water heater. This is why it is important to make the right decisions when choosing your water heater.

Deciding The Fuel Source

Choosing your heater will involve a lot of different factors. One of the first things that you want to factor in when deciding on what water heater to purchase and install in your RV is what fuel source you want to use. This will depend on how you travel and live and what your setup looks like. If you do a lot of boondocking, where you do not attach or hook up your camper, you should heavily consider propane fuel as a means to power your heater, whereas if you often are attached and have electricity to your camper, electric powered water heaters are sufficient for your needs. This comes down to more your lifestyle than anything else.

Tank VS Tankless

This feature will be the big difference when choosing the right water heater for your RV. A tankless designed water heater will come with many benefits, such as being efficient when it comes to heating water in a timely manner, which also translates to immediate access to hot water and lowers costs to your energy usage and fees if you get billed for electricity.

Regular maintenance is important. As highlighted on, with tankless heaters, there is less maintenance involved that you need to worry about, but be sure to still do it regularly. Some of the benefits of using a tank over a tankless design include the actual cost of the heater is less, and tankless heaters are more likely to freeze in colder environments than their counterparts. Ultimately, you want to do some research and decide if it is worth making the adjustment as most RVs come with water tanks in their heating system. 

How Big Do You Want It To Be?

The volume and size of your water heater will play a role in your decision. As mentioned, tank heaters are common and if you are choosing this route, you want to consider how large of a tank you want for your RV. This will vary depending on the person, the family, and the circumstances. If you do not have a large family and travel often through places that can accommodate your needs of hot water, you might not need as large of a tank. However, if you are going to be in places that you won’t have access to such needs as easily, then you’ll want to consider a bigger tank. Additionally, the types of heaters will also vary in size, so be sure to know how large of a heater your RV can accommodate for.

What Features Do You Need And Want?

Aside from the basic ability to heat your water, you might need to accommodate for other features. Consider your needs for the ability to adjust and change the temperature, your need to ensure your tanks, heater and pipes do not freeze, or if you want to be able to run it while not attached to a power source, and can run off a battery. If any of these features are important to you, or you have any other features that you are specifically in the market for, be sure to factor that in when purchasing a water heater.

Reliability And Quality

There are many different water heaters available on the market when you are outfitting your RV. You won’t always be sure how certain models and heaters stack up against others, so it is crucial to do research not only on different features and recommendations of specific tanks but also to look into what other customers and RV owners are saying. You want to look into reviews to determine the reliability of specific brands and models, because the last thing you want is to be out on the road or in the wild, trying to take a shower or cook a meal and not be able to do so without access to hot water.


Ultimately, one of the major deciding factors for your water heater will also be the price. Depending on your budget, the features you want, the size of the heater, and other factors discussed previously, the price will incorporate all of that. If you are looking to save money, but still want to be able to afford certain features, be sure to plan this ahead of time to allow you to look out for promotions, sales, and discounts.

Be considerate of your lifestyle and water usage when choosing your water heater. This will significantly impact the heater you should install, and if you do not take this into consideration, you will find that your showers run cold more often than you want. Keep your water warm and your family happy, and your road trips will be smooth sailing.

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