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Coastal PlayGrove @ East Coast Park : First Peek

There will be a new playground at East Coast Park!

Joining Marine Cove Playground will be the Costal PlayGrove. It will be taking over the spot where Big Splash used to be situated. 

We heard about this playground from this Tik Tok video made recently by @fliznix where she took a drone video of the area. So we decided to head down to recce the place.

Screenshot: Tik Tok @fliznix

It looks great from the sky. It shows a tower structure with a ramp that circles all the way to the top. In the middle section is an orange and red vertical playground at has climbing nets. 

We also spotted 2 slides heading out from the play area. One of them looks to be about 3 stories high. It does a throwback to the Big Splash Slides of yesteryears.

Screenshot: Tik Tok @fliznix

Other than this main playground, there is another smaller structure at the side that resembles a 'normal' playground. The past news report is supposed to be a water play area, but it does not look like one. We spotted these signs when we were there, and it looks like Nature. The playground would be there instead.

There is a circular building next to the play structure. 

Burger King and Old Town White Coffee seemed to have secured slots there from the signage we saw.  Both restaurants were previously part of Playground@ Big Splash that was closed in 2016. 

Source: ST

This playground was already designed back in 2017, so it may not be part of the new East Coast Plan as speculated. 

There are plenty of places to park cars there once it is opened.

There is no news as to when it will open. However, National Parks did comment on the post that it will be opening soon!

PS: If you are thinking to bring your drones there to do the same Tic Tok video, do note that drone flying is not allowed in the area.

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