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Things not to do before bedtime


Daily Dose: Things not to do just before bedtime

Many of us would work and eat on the bed before we sleep. While this had become a habit, it is actually hazardous to our health. In some instances, it may even cause death.

Smoking just before bedtime is an example. Smoking to keep awake can be a bad mistake, as seen by a recent case when a man likely cause a fire when he slept with his cigarette lit. Unfortunately, this led to a fire that eventually killed him.

Next time, when you are trying to sleep, put away all gadgets, snacks and other distractions. Just close your eyes and sleep.

1) 8 Covid19 cases

  • 1 Local Community case
  • 7 Imported cases
After 4 days of zero cases, a singular case pops up. The local case is an FDW who arrived in Singapore on Jan 20 and served SHN at a dedicated facility. She was swabbed on 2 Feb and was tested negative. However, she had attended a programme on 4 Feb where another FDW in the same programme was tested positive.  Her results came back positive, but the serological test was negative. Investigations do not prove that the 2 cases are linked.

So are we...

Source: MOH

2) Man who died of injuries from flat fire likely fell asleep while smoking in bed

 A 66-year-old man died after being rescued from a fire in his flat had likely fallen asleep in bed while smoking, a coroner's court said in findings into his death that were made available this week.

Source: CNA

3) Singapore rises 2 spots to 11 in the ranking of the world's best cities, boosted by MRT

London is ranked number 1.

Seriously, given the Covid19 situation, I would rather be here than anywhere else.

Source: Today

4)  Jail for PMD rider who said 'it's not your father's road' before assaulting the strolling couple

Jailed for the assault, not what he said. The headline...
The 10-year-old son turns out to be more sensible than the dad.

Source: CNA

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