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McMuffin Stack is back in Singapore !

 Missed McGriddles?

The boys requested for McGriddles yesterday but we were 'in shock' when the item was taken off the menu. 

Luckily, McDonalds will be reintroducing its crowd favourite - McMuffin Stack today!

Credit : McDonald's Singapore

If you do not know, the McMuffin Stack is similar to a Sausage McMuffin on egg... on steriods!

Each McMuffin Stack comes with two sausage patties, crispy chicken bacon strips, egg did sunny side up and melted cheddar cheese - all stacked between the signature toasted whole-grain muffins.

What's more from 29 to 31 March, you can enjoy an exclusive 1 to 1 McMuffin Stack deal on the My McDonald's app as part of the All Day All Access Mcdonald's App deals.

In the meantime, check out the other deals for McMuffin here.

Credit : McDonald's Singapore

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