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Bedok Jetty : 5 Things to do other than Fishing

Have you been to Bedok Jetty?

If you are a frequent visitor to East Coast Park, you would probably have heard of this spot. 

Bedok Jetty is a popular angling spot located at East Coast Park. To get there by car, you would have to park at East Coast Park Carpark 2, located next to East Coast Lagoon Village. Thereafter it will be a 400m short walk to the Jetty.

Fishing is the main thing to do at Bedok Jetty. Stretching more than 300m into the sea, Bedok Jetty is probably the longest of its kind in Singapore. 

The area can accommodate several fishing groups. It is a spot for novice and experts. Experts can head out the end pier for deep-sea fishing, while beginners can fish at the shallower waters near the coast. 

Here you can have a chance to catch stingrays, catfishes, groupers, mackerel and snappers!

A fun fact you probably do not know is that Bedok Jetty was exclusively used by MINDEF before it was opened to the public. At one stage in 1975, it was set up to handle refugees arriving in Singapore from Saigon. While it is now open for everyone, it still remains its status as a MINDEF base. 

If you are not into fishing but intended to head out to Bedok Jetty to soak in the atmosphere, here are some other things you can do while you are there.

1) Plane Spotting

Planes are often sighted as Bedok Jetty is on the flight path of planes landing at Changi Airport. While the frequency of planes is lesser now due to Covid19, there will still be a chance for you to catch one every now and then.

2) Go for a ride at Xtreme Skatepark

Xtreme Skatepark was opened in 2009. However, it is still very well maintained. This site was designed and built with CONVIC Design, an Australian professional skate park design firm that brings it up to international standards. At 1.4 ha with a combo bowl, a vertical bowl and a street course, it is highly popular with Xtreme Skaters and Bikers.

The Xtreme Skatepark is just located opposite Bedok Jetty at less than 50m away.

3) Rent a bike

If you want something more laid up, head to the Bike shop that is approximately 100 m away. Rent a bike to ride around East Coast Park and the Park Connectors. If you have the time and energy, ride all the way to Changi Airport to see the Jurassic Mile located near T4.

4) Seafood and Satay

Indulge in Seafood and Satay at the popular East Coast Lagoon Village. It can be quite full, especially during weekends. Do go there early if you want to grab a seat.

5) Enjoy the Seabreeze

If all you want to do is to chill, just sit by the beach to enjoy the sea breeze. 

BBQ Pits are also available for rent. Do take note that we are under Phase 3, and there can be no more than 8 people per pit with no intermingling between pits.

There you go, a day out at Bedok Jetty and its vicinity promise plenty to do on the beach!

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