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Biggest Covid19 Community Cases in months : 5 things you need to know


 For a few months, Singapore had been a relative 'safe place' to be in for Covid19.

With local cases at low single digits and days without even a single case, Singapore has been sheltered from the waves of Covid19 infection that has seemingly taken over some countries. In fact, talks on travel bubbles resume with Singapore-HK Travel Bubble to start on May 26.

However, the bubble may burst with the sudden onslaught of not one but two clusters hitting the major artery of Singapore's fight with Covid19. Here are 5 things you need to know.

1) There is more than one cluster

There are now 2 clusters to note

62517 Immigration and Checkpoint Cluster (Terminal 1): 8 Confirmed cases

Case 62517 is a 38-year-old male Singaporean who works at ICA Officer at Changi Airport Terminal 1. He has infected 7 others. Most of them are family members.

7 cases were reported yesterday for this cluster. This includes one nurse working in TTSH, but she is currently not related to the TTSH Cluster

62541 Tan Tock Seng Cluster:9 confirmed cases

8 more cases are linked to this cluster which brings the total to 9 cases. 3 are staff, and 6 are patients in Ward 9D.

2) Extra Tests and Lockdown

2 wards in TTSH has been ordered to lockdown.  Wards 7D and 9D have been locked down with all close contacts of staff and patients quarantine. All patients and staff in other wards will be tested even if asymptomatic. No visitors are allowed except for critically ill patients. Elective cases have also been deferred. 

At ICA Changi airport, 32 ICA officers have been placed in quarantine.

3) There are still unlink cases

In addition to the link cases, there is one unlink case identified. The case is a 39-year-old Vietnam national who works as a cleaner and deployed at Tuas South community care facility.  She dons full protection equipment during work. Additionally, she had her 2nd dose of vaccination on 19 Feb. Despite vaccination and protection, she still caught the disease.

4) Vaccination is not a cure

From yesterday's cases, there were a few cases that were vaccinated. This highlights that vaccination is NOT a cure. It would help you from getting seriously ill. However, it does not prevent you from being infected. You will STILL, be infectious if you caught Covid19.

5) Would this lead to more stringent laws in Singapore for Covid19?

The bottom line, continue to remain vigilant even if you are vaccinated. While a vaccine would help to prevent severe illness, it does not mean that you cannot get Covid19, nor does it mean you would not spread it if you do. See a doctor when you are ill. The last thing we want is Circuit Breaker 2...

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