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Gardens By the Bay to Marina Barrage : Running Route


Last weekend I headed to Gardens By the Bay for my regular weekend.

The initial idea was to run around the Gardens. However, upon arrival, I realised that part of the meadow was closed due to Dale Chihuly's glass masterclass exhibit. 

Since I wanted to do a 5km run, I will include a run towards Bay East Garden and back to Gardens by the Bay. This scenic route will take one away from the urban jungle as you run through trees, lakes and rivers. Along the way,  you would probably spot some interesting residents such as exotic birds and even otters. 

Gardens by the Bay Route
Gardens by the Bay Run
Total Distance: 5km
Start Point: Gardens By the Bay Visitor Center
Route: Loop around Dragonfly Lake - Marina Barrage - Bay East Gardens - Back to Gardens By the Bay.

Gardens By the Bay Loop (2Km)
Visitor Center- Meadows- Dragonfly Lake Loop

The first part of the run takes us around Gardens By the Bay.
Take the stairs at the visitor centre and head towards the Supertree Groove. Along the way, you would probably spot some local residents of the Gardens
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Make a turn towards your left; you would pass a koi pond.

Unfortunately, the koi in the koi pond are no longer there. Instead, we spotted otters in its place.

Head toward the giant baby (Planet) and cross the bridge.

There are 2 routes to choose from, you could run on the pavement or alongside the Dragonfly lake on the decks.
Dragonfly lake

The more scenic route enticed us. 
Dale Chihuly Glass Masterpiece
 you intend to head there in May, you would be able to catch some of Dale Chihuly's Glass Masterpieces floating on the river.
Dragonfly Lake

The River stretch is not very long. It is about 500m from this point to the end of the river on one side.
This is also a spot where you can catch the sunrise.

Make a loop and head to the other side of the river.

Marina Bay Sands View - Gardens by the Bay
 Running on this side and you would have the imposing Marina Bay Sands as your backdrop.

Otters Garden By the Bay

Running back into the Gardens, there were a family of otters enjoying a swim in a secluded mini lake.

Marina Barrage Loop (3km)
View from Marina Barrage

Since I wanted a longer run, I decided to jog towards Marina Barrage. While heading out from the Gardens, I spotted this large AP clock.

There are many routes options you could choose from. The other option is to run towards Marina Bay. Since I had done it last week, I decided a change of scenery might be good. 
Bay East Garden

It gets quite crowded if you are there during peak hours. The best time to run this route would be from 630-730pm. You will even get to see the sunrise if you do it within this time.
Bay East Garden New Park Extension

There is a new extension towards the sea at Bay East Gardens. It is not officially open yet. I think using this route, you would be able to loop towards Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant. Since this part is not accessible by car, it will be a tranquil run. We Will be adding this route to our running series when it is open.
Back to GBTB

It's time to head back to Gardens By the Bay. 

Supertree Arena - Gardens by the Bay

I would recommend this route. Go early between 630am to 7am if you want to bump into fewer people.

Running: Gardens By the Bay
See you next week!

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