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Stay Home shows for HBL AND WFH : Watch these shows on Netflix

So it's another round of WFH and HBL.

Since most of us will be at home, we need to entertain ourselves sometimes. The best way to do so is a little escape via shows. 

What do we watch on the telly during this period?

Since Netflix had been our go-to platform during the last circuit breaker, here are some show you could watch when you are cosying up at home.

For the Kids

Love and Monsters

A PG 13 love story with Monsters. It teaches one to step out of the unknown and you might find yourself more capable than one could imagine. Great movie to watch, especially during the end of  Phase 2 Heighten Alert.

For those who missed schools


Want a more kids friendly show?

How about Haikyuu!!?

This is a Japanese manga series that follows Hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature. For kids who miss their friends and pe lessons, this sports anime would be a good substitute during this period. With 5 seasons to watch, we can guaranteed that there will be peace in the household.

For Superhero fans (FOR PARENTS)

Jupiter Legacy

We need a superhero to look up to, especially in these turbulent time. While these heroes will not take Covid-19 away, at least we could live-out out an alternative world where only villains and not virus exist.

Jupiter Legacy is Netflix self-made superhero Television series that intends to challenge the Marvel and DC universe. With the lack of new superhero movies on the big screen, this is a welcome distraction to have.

For those who feel coop up at home

Two Together

Missed travelling, this Neflix original series was filmed just before the global pandemic. Starring Korea TV star Lee Seung Go and Taiwanese star Jasper Liu, they travel all over Asia to meet their friends. Interestingly, these 2 lads were just acquaintance prior to the show. Along the way, a budding 'bromance' develop. 

Watched it for the light-hearted moments and to travel around Asia on your telly.

For nature lovers

Our Planet

We think that this is one of the best nature documentaries that we had watched. It is a limited series featuring the different aspects of our planet. 

From the Antarctic to the jungles of Borneo and the North American desserts, this documentary will bring you to places that you probably would not be able to travel to even without Covid-19. An intimate look into our planet and how humans have played a part in changing the landscape, this documentary is both educational and visually appealing.

For those who can't get enough of Covid19


Ok, we do not want to be morbid here. However, if you want to learn more about the Pandemic, the show Pandemic is well apt to watch for a good education on the impact of Pandemic.

There you go, one show for a week to help you through with a week at home. 

Stay Safe and stay home!

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