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Benefits of Manuka Honey : Manuka Paradise Review

Do you have a sore throat?

During my bouts with a sore throat, one of the items I would want in my medicine cabinet is Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey originated from New Zealand. It's produced by bees who pollinate a flower Leptospermum scoparium. This species of flowering plant is native to New Zealand and parts of Southeast Australia. The difference between Manuka Honey and normal honey is that it has an antibacterial ingredient, Methylgloxal, that is only found in it.

The other purported benefits of Manuka Honey includes

  • Wound Healing
  • Clearing infections
  • Easing stomach aches
  • Improve digestion symptoms
  • Sore Throat

With these benefits, it is not surprising that people would stock up their medicine cabinet with at least one bottle of Manuka Honey. However, before you head out to the store for the bottle of honey, do know that not all honey is created equal. 

Regular Honey

Compared with regular honey, Manuka Honey contains medical properties that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. In terms of texture, the regular honey is more diluted in comparison with Manuka Honey.

Regular Honey vs Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is graded by the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF), which measures the purity and quality of honey. Manuka Honey with a UMF of less than 10 has low bacterial activity, while a UMF of 10 to 15 is ideal. For higher-strength versions, a UMF of 20+ is recommended.

Manuka Honey

The different grading will also affect the prices.UMF 20 Manuka Honey can easily go for $100 or more for a 200g bottle. Given the price, it is no surprise that Manuka Honey is even referred to as liquid gold in some parts of the world.

Manuka Honey is perfect for bread spread, savoury treats and even use for facial and wound!

Manuka Paradise

One of the places that you could get your Manuka Honey is from Manuka Paradise. 

Manuka Paradise carries a range of Manuka Honey Products from New Zealand right to your doorstep.

The 2 brands available on this website are Pouatu Manuka and Mother Earth.

Pouata Manuka

Pouatu Manuka is a premium boutique Manuka Honey Manufacturer. All their Manuka Honey is single-sourced from one location - The Forgotten World. It has an award-winning brand at the renowned Apiculture New Zealong 2019. It is also noted that Pouta only sells what they harvest, so there is limited stock yearly. 

We tried the Pouatu Manuka UMF 15+ and UMF 20+. It tasted less sweet and more concentrated compared to normal Honey. The colour tone is light brown, and it has a grainier texture compared to Mother Earth Manuka. In terms of classification, Pouatu Manuka Honey can be considered as raw honey.

It has graded Manuka Honey ranging from UMF 5 to UMF 20

Mother Earth Manuka Honey

Mother Earth Manuka Honey is a well-known premium brand from New Zealand. 

Mother Earth has regular Honey and Manuka Honey with lower UMF. It's an affordable brand that has MultiFloral Honey starting from just $14.95. These would make a great spread for bread and savoury treats. If you are looking at a sweeter treat, Mother Earth would fit the bill.

For orders above $40, you will get free delivery.

TWD is provided Manuka Honey for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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